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A clause is comprised of a group of words which includes a subject and a finite verb. A clause contains only one subject and one verb.

A noun clause is a dependent or subordinate clause that works as a noun. It can be the subject of a sentence, an object , or a complement.

Definition, Examples of Nominal Clauses in English. Noun clause definition: A noun clause is a clause that plays the role of a noun in a sentence. Noun clauses will contain a subject and a verb, but they cannot stand alone in a sentence.

Noun Clause: What It Is and How to Identify It

Hello Learners, in this lesson of English grammar we are going to discuss What is Clauses in English Grammar their types with examples. A clause is a group of words that are related and contains subject and verb as well. It can also be defined as a group of words having a subject and predicate also. It can be put up in this way that each sentence has at least one clause in it. The clause can also be part of a compound sentence [External Link] , which can consist of one or even more clauses. Going by definition, the clause is a combination of words that have subject and verb both. Thus part of a simple sentence can be termed as a clause.

Noun Clauses

What is a noun clause? Check out our page and find our noun clause examples and learn how to weave a noun clause into your own writing. A dependent, or subordinate, clause contains a subject and a verb or verb phrase but does not express a complete thought. As a result, it cannot stand alone as a sentence. Dependent clauses can function either as noun clauses, adjective clauses, or adverb clauses. A noun clause is a dependent clause that acts as a noun.

Subordinating with noun clauses. Nouns are naming words; they name items and ideas. When nouns occur in a sentence, they do a number of jobs, two of which are subject and object. We can also have noun phrases that consist of more than one noun; noun clauses have a subject and verb and are generally found as the object of the main verb in a clause. Activity 1 — recognizing the function of nouns and noun phrases.

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Identifying Noun Clauses. Underline the noun clause in each sentence. Example: I know what the answer is. 1. Do you know who is the governor of Ohio? 2.

What is Noun Clause, Example Sentences

Most people are comfortable with the idea of a noun, but they may not feel so confident when it comes to the noun clause. A noun clause is a group of words acting together as a noun. These clauses are always dependent clauses. That is, they do not form a complete sentence. Take a look at some sample sentences containing noun clauses to understand their purpose and function.

Noun Clause

Clauses: Definition, Types & Examples

There are two types of clauses; dependent clause and independent clause. A sentence must have a least one independent clause. A noun clause is a dependent clause. Also, it can be a part of an independent clause.

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PDF | ABSTRAK-The English sentences contain a lot of noun clauses. A noun clause can be functioned as a subject after it, object of a verb, language, must be confused to take the meaning of The following examples.

9+ Noun Clause Examples – PDF

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Noun Clause

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Noun clause subordinators: who, whom, which, whose, what, that An example of a noun clause. That some Noun clauses as the subject of the sentence.


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Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises Dependent clauses add meaning to independent clauses in a variety of ways by acting like.


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There are two types of clauses: independent clause and dependent clause.


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