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It is published by North Star Games. The first edition of the game was published in , and the second edition was released in

Wits & Wagers

Not a trivia buff? It doesn't matter! Each player writes down a guess to the same question and places it face-up on the betting mat. Feeling confident? Bet on your guess! Think a friend knows better? Bet on their guess! The player with the most points after 7 questions wins. We recommend playing at holiday parties, family reunions, or any large gathering of friends.

Be prepared for light-hearted banter, a little bravado, and a big dose of cheering! If you have a large group, we recommend dividing into 7 teams with players on each team. When playing with teams, give everyone a little extra time to answer questions and place bets.

This player is usually the best at keeping a balanced check book! Stack the Cardboard Chips next to the banker. Choose a player to be the Question Reader. Give the Question Reader 7 Question Cards. The Question Reader also plays in the game So don't look at the answers on the back! Asking the Question: The Question Reader picks up the 1st Question Card from the table, announces that it is Question 1, and reads Question 1 from the card. Players or teams have 30 seconds to write a guess on their Answer Card.

Try to come as close as possible to the correct answer, without going over. The answer to every question will be a number, so you can always estimate a guess. Players may answer in whole numbers or in decimals. Questions 2 - 7: The Question Reader always reads the question that corresponds to the question number being played.

For the 2nd question of the game, read Question 2 on the 2nd Question Card drawn from the box. For the 7th and final question, read Question 7 on the 7th Question Card drawn from the box.

Arrange the guesses in increasing order, from the smallest guess to the largest guess, as directed by the arrows on the Betting Mat. The "Pays 2 to 1" payout slot is left open. The two middle guesses go in the two "Pays 3 to 1" payout slots. The Question Reader turns over the second Sand Timer once the guesses have been sorted.

Players or teams get 30 seconds to bet their two cardboard Betting Chips. The goal is to bet on the guess that is closest to the correct answer, without going over. However, players may not place a bet or move a bet after the Sand Timer has run out. Questions 2 - 7: Players will win Poker Chips for betting correctly. These Poker Chips can be bet according to the following rules:.

Poker Chips must always be placed underneath a cardboard Betting Chip. This way the Banker will know who placed each bet. Players may place any number of Poker Chips underneath each Betting Chip.

There is no limit as to how much players can bet. Poker Chips are lost if they are bet on the wrong guess. Betting Chips are always returned, even if they are bet on the wrong guess!

Closest Guess Without Going Over: The winning payout slot will have the guess that is closest to the correct answer, without going over. The Banker awards a bonus of 3 red poker chips to each player or team who wrote a guess that was placed in the winning payout slot. The Banker collects the Betting Chips that are not on the winning payout slot and returns them to the appropriate players.

The Banker collects the Poker Chips that are not on the winning payout slot and returns them to the bank. The Banker also pays a bonus of 3 white Cardboard Chips to each player or team who wrote the winning guess. Players or teams take back their Wits Answer Cards. The Question Reader should return the 7 used Question Cards to the back of the deck. When you start a new game, draw the 7 cards from the front of the deck. This way, you won't repeat a question until you have gone through all questions!

On every round, there will be either an even number of unique guesses, or there will be an odd number of unique guesses. Sort these guesses from smallest to largest according to the examples below. Important note: If multiple players or teams write the same answer, place them in the same playout slot. Players or teams may only bet on a payout slot that has a guess in it, unless it is the "Smaller than the smallest guess" slot.

During the second betting period, it is OK for players to move their bets. After the first round is completed, some players or teams may have won additional Cardboard Chips.

These may be added to bets using the following rules:. Cardboard Chips must always be stacked underneath a Wager Chip. Players or teams may stack any number of Cardboard Chips underneath each Wager Chip. However, players can still only place a maximum of two bets per question. If Cardboard Chips are bet on the wrong guess, they are lost and returned to the bank.

The Wager Chips are returned to the player or team to be used for the next round. If the actual answer is , then "" would be the winning guess. If the actual answer is , then "Smaller than the smallest guess" is the winning payout slot. Players or teams that place a bet on the winning payout slot will win Cardboard Chips - even if the winning slot does not contain their answer! The Banker pays Cardboard Chips to each player or team who correctly bet on the winning slot as shown below:.

Wits and Wagers Family Edition.

Wits & Wagers: Family Edition

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Wits & Wagers Party brings the energy and excitement of Vegas into your home. The game is most exciting when players divide into teams, so divide into teams if​.

Wits & Wagers Deluxe Edition

Not a trivia buff? Each player writes down a guess to the same. We recommend playing. If you have a large group, we recommend. Each team can have 1 — 3 players.

Name a banker. Winning Moves is very proud to bring you this classic reproduction of the original, edition of the game RISK. US - English.

Wits & Wagers Vegas Edition

Key selling point:

Now, the parents are finally the underdogs! Do you know the average number of times a person blinks each day? No one knows the answer. Take a guess and score points by choosing whose guess is closest. Your email address will not be published. In free play children experiment with the fishing rod, the sea and all the sea dwellers, bringing them to life in the most imaginative way. The game with rules acquaints children with first game rules and how to apply them.

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Wits & Wagers Family Edition

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It doesn't matter! Each player writes down a guess to the same question and places it face-up on the betting mat. Feeling confident? Bet on your guess! Think a.


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Not a trivia buff?


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