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Multiple Choice Question And Answer On Transparency And Accountability Pdf

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Business Statistics students processed physical fitness test results for nearly 1, students, adding efficiency to a necessary data processing exercise and saving PE teachers considerable time.

Economic growth depends on which of the following? Social outcomes cover the areas like i Dignity and freedom of citizens ii Untouchability and discrimination iii Gender equality iv Ban on child labour a i , iii and iv b ii , i and iv c ii and iv d i only. The basic outcome of democracy is a Political, social and economic outcome b Military outcome c Restricted and limited welfare policies.

Agency theory is part of the bigger topic of corporate governance. It involves the problem of directors controlling a company whilst shareholders own the company. In the past, a problem was identified whereby the directors might not act in the shareholders or other stakeholders best interests. The module is delivered over a total of 24 hours of lectures with a flexible format including traditional lectures, class discussions of the end-of-chapter questions in Goergen and the multiple choice questions see below. We have compiled important multiple choice objective type practice questions on General Science subject along with answers and explanations.

Business ethics and corporate governance questions and answers mcq

To promote accountability, productivity, and shared learning, many organizations create open work environments and gather reams of data on how individuals spend their time. A few years ago, HBS professor Ethan Bernstein set out to find empirical evidence that such approaches improve organizational performance. What he discovered is that this kind of transparency often has an unintended consequence: It can leave employees feeling vulnerable and exposed. Unrehearsed, experimental behaviors sometimes stop altogether. But Bernstein also discovered organizations that had established zones of privacy within open environments by setting four types of boundaries: around teams, between feedback and evaluation, between decision rights and improvement rights, and around periods of experimentation. Moreover, across several studies, the companies that had done all this were the ones that consistently got the most creative, efficient, and thoughtful work from their employees. Privacy is just as essential for performance.

This points to a fundamental issue of transparency. Transparency has a long tradition in anti-corruption work and is a central fixture in algorithmic accountability debates, both in the fields of regulation and data ethics. Despite this debate, there remains little consensus in the UK or across Europe about the form transparency should take with respect to ADM systems. Debates about transparency often skip over a more fundamental conversation about what transparency is trying to achieve and fail to grapple with the challenges of implementing it in a systematic way. In this article, we uncover some of the problems with transparency and point towards ways of thinking and practices that can help to support a robust system of governance for ADM systems in use in the public sector. The expansion of ADM systems across public service delivery has seen an equivalent proliferation of ethical principles and frameworks aiming to articulate conditions of accountability around these systems 3.

Business leaders prioritize those stakeholders who have immediate needs or high urgency or great significance to the organization, and the identity of these groups may shift over time. Making ethical decisions when confronted with a dilemma is a key to success along the project leadership journey. Corporate social responsibility c. Commerce College, Kota. Multiple senior EPA officials, including a career official and political appointees, were sidelined or demoted after they raised concerns or pushed back on the amount of money Pruitt has spent as. The most recent version of the web, however, represents the opposites.

The Transparency Trap

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Africa's continuing reliance on foreign aid has increased the opportunities for bilateral and multilateral aid agencies to influence policy making in the region. The major donors have been meeting frequently in order to discuss development and debt problems and to devise aid strategies for African governments. In turn, foreign aid has increasingly been linked to a set of prescriptions for changes in both economic and political policies pursued by African governments. The so-called new world order also has had significant effects on African governments.

The concept of supply chain transparency was virtually unknown 15 years ago, yet today it commands the attention of mid- and senior-level managers across a broad spectrum of companies and industries. The reasons for this increased interest are clear: Companies are under pressure from government, consumers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to divulge more information about their supply chains, and the reputational cost of failing to meet these demands can be high. This article clarifies the meaning of supply chain transparency and offers guidelines to map and extend progress. The recommendations derive from the experience shared by dozens of companies up and down the supply chain across industries of all sizes over the last decade with MIT Sustainable Supply Chains , an initiative based at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics; Sourcemap , a provider of supply-chain-transparency solutions; and ongoing research in this area. The reasons for this increased interest are clear: Companies are under pressure from governments, consumers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to divulge more information about their supply chains, and the reputational cost of failing to meet these demands can be high. For example, food companies are facing more demand for supply-chain-related information about ingredients, food fraud , animal welfare , and child labor. Less clear, however, is how to define transparency in a supply chain context and the extent to which companies should pursue it: an MIT study that mapped definitions of supply chain transparency related to labor practices in the apparel industry found vastly differing definitions across organizations.

The board has ultimate authority for the organisation and as such has ultimate accountability for its activities and performance. Accountability exists in a relationship between two parties where one has expectations of the other, and the other is obliged to provide information about how they have met these expectations or face the consequences of failing to do so. Because accountability in an organisation will involve multiple parties, it is important there is clarity about who is accountable to whom and how. For example, an NFP may be required to provide an annual financial report to its regulator and the penalty for failing to do this may be a fine. It is important that the documents and policies that enable accountability are made available to relevant stakeholders. Back to top.

Question. 3 answers. Jul 27, Accountability as a part of Sustainability is mandatory UNESCO:​ institutional channels showing multiple challenges, strenghts, weaknesses.

Business ethics and corporate governance questions and answers mcq

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Chapter 11 Questions Multiple Choice 1. If you are living in the United States, you are legally required to respond to the U. The above is a common competency question in internship interviews because it is so broad and can be answered without needing a job or previous internship for examples. Time allowed: 3 hours 15 minutes.

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 Social Science Outcomes of Democracy with Answers

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Principle 7: Transparency and accountability

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