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Job enrichment: A tool for employee motivation

Job enrichment is a well-known job design method. In this guide, we will explain what job enrichment is, dive into the advantages of job enrichment, give examples of how to enrich jobs, and compare job enrichment to job enlargement. Table of content What is job enrichment? A definition Job enrichment theory Advantages of job enrichment The Job Diagnostic Survey 12 job enrichment interventions Job enrichment vs. Job enrichment is a process that is characterized by adding dimensions to existing jobs to make them more motivating. Examples of job enrichment include adding extra tasks also called job enlargement , increasing skill variety, adding meaning to jobs, creating autonomy, and giving feedback. The goal of job enrichment is to create a motivating job.

People have been complaining about work ever since it was invented. Today, however, many believe that there is something different about the discontent. Additionally in many cases, because of the shift in the balance of power, shop floor personnel can now exercise considerable control over output. As a result organisations are coming up with plans — some pure public relations, some innovative — designed to pacify demotivated workers. Jones, L.

Job enrichment is a method of motivating employees where a job is designed to have interesting and challenging tasks which can require more skill and can increase pay. He came up with this term while he was working on his "two factor theory" which states that both satisfaction e. To this effect he implies that just because an individual experiences a decrease in dissatisfaction, does not mean that the result is also an increase in satisfaction. Job enrichment, as a managerial activity, includes a three-step technique: [2]. Job enrichment can be contrasted to job enlargement which simply increases the number of tasks without changing the challenge.

Job enrichment

Five studies carried out in British companies show how this concept may be applied in furthering the attainment of business aims. This article reports on five of a number of job enrichment studies which were and are still being carried out in Imperial Chemical Industries Limited and other British companies. The purpose of the studies was an attempt to shed light on important job enrichment questions dealing with 1 the generality of the findings, 2 the feasibility of making changes, and 3 the consequences to be expected. Among them, they cover not only widely different business areas and company functions, but also many types and levels of jobs. Collectively, they provide insights which add to management understanding of both theory and practice. It is concerned only incidentally with matters such as pay and working conditions, organizational structure, communications, and training, important and necessary though these may be in their own right.

Job enrichment means additional motivators added to the job so that it job is more rewarding, although the term has come to be applied to any effort to humanize jobs. Job enrichment is a type of job redesign intended to reverse the effects of tasks that are boredom, lack of flexibility, and employee dissatisfaction. The underlying principle is to expand the scope of the job with the greater variety of tasks, vertical in nature, that require self-sufficiency. Meaning of Job Enrichment 2. Concept of Job Enrichment 3. Objectives 4. Characteristics 5.

Enriched jobs lead to more satisfied and motivated workers. Keywords: job enrichment, globalization, retaining, motivating, talented people.

Job enrichment

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Job enrichment is a fundamental part of attracting, motivating, and retaining talented people, particularly where work is repetitive or boring. Employees in every organization want to draw fulfilments from their jobs and every human resource Manager wants the employees to be fulfilled being the most important resources of the organization. Save to Library.

Click to see full answer Considering this, what is the meaning of job enrichment? Job enrichment is a common motivational technique used by organizations to give an employee greater satisfaction in his work. It means giving an employee additional responsibilities previously reserved for his manager or other higher-ranking positions. Similarly, how does job enrichment motivate employees?

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PDF | Job enrichment is one of the cherished goals to achieve individual King-​Taylor () in her article on job enrichment and motivation.


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PDF | The present study has been undertaken in a regional perspective to explore the Job enrichment is an attempt to motivate employees by giving them the.


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