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There are a thousand and one Thousand and One Nights. No two manuscripts are alike, translations even in a single language often differ radically, and different readers read them very differently. A core of the tales was first composed in Persia hence the Persian names of the characters in the frame tale, with Shahryar identified as a Sassanid king , That lost collection probably already drew also on Indian as well as Arabic traditions, but the Nights as we have them today developed chiefly in two centers of storytelling: Damascus and Cairo.

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Download PDF Read online. King Shahryar kills a new wife every night, because he is afraid she will stop loving him. But his new bride Shahrazad has a clever plan to save herself. Her nightly stories--of Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba, and many other heroes and villains--are so engrossing that King Shahryar has to postpone her execution again and again This illustrated edition brings together all the Arabian Nights tales in an original retelling by award-winning author Geraldine McCaughrean.

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One Thousand and One Nights

The stories in the Fairy Books have generally been such as old women in country places tell to their grandchildren. Nobody knows how old they are, or who told them first. The children of Ham, Shem and Japhet may have listened to them in the Ark, on wet days. Hector's little boy may have heard them in Troy Town, for it is certain that Homer knew them, and that some of them were written down in Egypt about the time of Moses. People in different countries tell them differently, but they are always the same stories, really, whether among little Zulus, at the Cape, or little Eskimo, near the North Pole. The changes are only in matters of manners and customs; such as wearing clothes or not, meeting lions who talk in the warm countries, or talking bears in the cold countries. There are plenty of kings and queens in the fairy tales, just because long ago there were plenty of kings in the country.

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The spelling "Scheherazade" first appeared in English-language texts in , borrowed from German usage. The story goes that the monarch Shahryar , on discovering that his first wife was unfaithful to him, resolved to marry a new virgin every day and have her beheaded the next morning before she could dishonour him. Eventually the vizier could find no more virgins of noble blood and offers his own daughter, Scheherazade, as the king's next bride. Scheherazade had perused the books, annals, and legends of preceding Kings, and the stories, examples, and instances of bygone men and things; indeed it was said that she had collected a thousand books of histories relating to antique races and departed rulers. She had perused the works of the poets and knew them by heart; she had studied philosophy and the sciences, arts, and accomplishments; and she was pleasant and polite, wise and witty, well read and well bred.

June 9: Cairo: The Thousand and One Nights

Here Scheherazade perceived the light of morning, and discontinued the recitation. How excellent is thy story! And how pretty! But what is this in comparison with that which I will relate to thee in the next night, if I live, and the Caliph spare me! And the Caliph said, I will not kill her until I hear the remainder of her story.

Когда Сьюзан вернулась в Третий узел, Грег Хейл как ни в чем не бывало тихо сидел за своим терминалом. ГЛАВА 30 Альфонсо XIII оказался небольшим четырехзвездочным отелем, расположенным в некотором отдалении от Пуэрта-де-Хереса и окруженным кованой чугунной оградой и кустами сирени. Поднявшись по мраморным ступенькам, Дэвид подошел к двери, и она точно по волшебству открылась.

Бринкерхофф положил руку ей на плечо. - Мы почти приехали, мисс Флетчер. Держитесь.

Дворик под названием Апельсиновый сад прославился благодаря двум десяткам апельсиновых деревьев, которые приобрели в городе известность как место рождения английского мармелада. В XVI11 веке некий английский купец приобрел у севильской церкви три десятка бушелей апельсинов и, привезя их в Лондон, обнаружил, что фрукты горькие и несъедобные.

 Никакой Цифровой крепости не существует, - еле слышно пробормотала она под завывание сирены и, обессилев, склонилась над своим компьютером. Танкадо использовал наживку для дурачков… и АНБ ее проглотило. Сверху раздался душераздирающий крик Стратмора. ГЛАВА 86 Когда Сьюзан, едва переводя дыхание, появилась в дверях кабинета коммандера, тот сидел за своим столом, сгорбившись и низко опустив голову, и в свете монитора она увидела капельки пота у него на лбу. Сирена выла не преставая.

Фонтейну нужно было какое-то прикрытие - на всякий случай, - и он принял необходимые меры. ГЛАВА 113 - Ни в коем случае! - крикнул мужчина с короткой стрижкой, глядя в камеру.  - У нас приказ.

One Thousand and One Nights

 - Что показалось тебе странным.

 Провайдер находится в районе территориального кода двести два. Однако номер пока не удалось узнать. - Двести два. Где это? - Где же на необъятных американских просторах прячется эта загадочная Северная Дакота.

 Ты мне только что приснился. Приходи поиграть. - На улице еще темно, - засмеялся. - А-ах, - сладко потянулась .


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