opening pdf causes screen to go black and pc to lock up

Opening Pdf Causes Screen To Go Black And Pc To Lock Up

File Name: opening causes screen to go black and pc to lock
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Published: 29.04.2021

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How to fix Google Chrome black screen issues [8 Solutions]

Click here. Audio or sound issues? Try our automated HP Audio check! Connect with HP support faster, manage all of your devices in one place, view warranty information and more. Sign out. Select registration option. Email address. Error: Javascript is disabled in this browser. This page requires Javascript. Modify your browser's settings to allow Javascript to execute. See your browser's documentation for specific instructions.

HP Customer Support. Select your model. How does HP install software and gather data? Create an HP account today! There are many reasons that a computer does not startup or boot into the Windows operating system. If your computer will not start or boot, you will see or hear symptoms to indicate the general area of the problem. Startup Symptom: LEDs glow, but computer fails to startup or boot, and displays a black screen Use this document if the LEDs glow to indicate that power is available and the sound of a fan or spinning hard drive can be heard, but no colors, images, or text are displayed on the LCD display.

Do not use this document if there are no sounds from the computer when the power is turned on. You should check for a different problem; such as a loose RAM memory chip or disconnected hard drive. The cause of this problem may be the failure of a hardware component, or an error in the instruction being sent from the BIOS to a hardware component.

Before you begin troubleshooting your computer Before you begin troubleshooting your computer, perform the following steps:. Step one: Perform a hard reset If your computer suddenly fails to boot properly, you should perform a hard reset. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards. You want to test the computer not the accessories! Disconnect the AC power adapter, remove the battery, and then press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds.

Reconnect the AC power adapter but do not connect the battery , Press the Power button, Look for glowing LEDs near caps lock and num lock keys, and Listen for sounds of a disk drive and fan turning. Actions to take after performing hard reset If no error message is displayed: Connect an external monitor to test the display.

Test for memory module problems. Contact HP for technical assistance. If the display remains blank black screen or white screen after doing a hard reset, temporarily connect an external monitor to test the notebook's display. If an image displays on the external monitor, continue to perform the tests, install drivers, and make adjustments as described in the next section. Step two: Connect an external monitor to test the display.

The notebook's screen display may remain black when there is a corrupted graphics driver, or a problem with the LCD display's back light. You can test the display by attaching an external monitor and restarting the computer. Testing with an external display is helpful if the notebook display is black but you can hear sounds; such as fans, spinning drives, or beep tones which indicate that the computer is operating.

If you can hear sounds of operation but no image is visible on either display, contact an authorized repair center. If there are no sounds from the computer when the power is turned on, check for a different problem; such as a loose RAM memory chip or disconnected hard drive. If you are having trouble viewing the external monitor, click f4 or the key with this symbol to switch the screen image among display devices connected to the system.

For example, if a monitor is connected to the computer, pressing this key alternates the screen image from computer display to monitor display to simultaneous display on both the computer and the monitor. With the external monitor connected, download and install the latest drivers for your specific computer and graphic chip set. If you do not have an external monitor, it may be possible to see an image by switching the LCD display to a low resolution mode.

To change the resolution, turn on the computer, and press the f8 key. If the graphic display is working at the BIOS level, a text screen displays and you can select the Enable low-resolution video option. If the graphics display is not working at the BIOS level, contact an authorized repair center. As a final action, if there is an image on the external monitor and you have installed the latest BIOS, updated CPU chips set, and updated graphics drivers but the notebook display remains black, the LCD may be defective.

It may be necessary to contact HP for technical assistance or send the notebook for service to replace the display. Step three: Disconnect all peripherals and repeat the hard reset Even when instructed to disconnect all peripheral devices from the notebook before doing a hard reset, some devices are often overlooked. Proceed to the Test for memory module problems section.

Test for memory module problems When you try to turn on a computer, one of the first hardware tests performed is the memory check. If the start up test cannot access the memory chips, the testing stops and no additional actions can be taken.

In other words, when you press the power button the LEDs may glow for a moment and a fan may start to spin, but then all action stops. This problem must be resolved before you can boot into the BIOS or Windows and perform any other tests.

If you experience a black screen error, the problem could be with one of the sticks of memory or with one of the memory slots, or one of the sticks may not be seated properly in the slot. To determine if a memory module is causing the failure, try to isolate the problem by Performing a memory self test , Checking for loose memory modules , Testing the memory modules , and Testing the memory slots. The memory module compartment on most notebooks is located on the bottom of the case.

The exact position varies by model. However, on some models, the memory compartment is under the keyboard. See your User Guide for the exact location of memory modules on your notebook. Test for memory problems using the memory self test If the computer can access part of the memory, it may be possible to access the BIOS Setup Utility display and perform a memory self test to identify other memory issues.

If the computer cannot boot to the BIOS Utility, try removing and reseating the memory and the hard drive, and then repeat the following steps to perform the memory self test. Press Enter , then Yes to perform memory test.

If the test fails, one or more of the memory modules may not be seated properly. Check for and reseat loose memory modules. Check for loose memory modules Normally, a computer will not display an image if a memory module is loose. However, in some cases, if a memory module is loose or is not making good contact with the memory slots, the computer may responds but does not recognize all of the memory. Reseating the memory module may resolve memory failure errors.

To reseat the memory module, take the memory module out of the memory slot and then put it back into the slot to get a better connection so that the computer can recognize the memory. The memory module compartment on most notebooks is located on the bottom of the case, however, on some models, the memory compartment is under the keyboard.

Step 1 - Remove the electrical power. To remove all power from the computer and prevent accidental damage to the electronic components, do the following:. Turn off the computer by pressing and holding down the Power button for about 30 seconds. Remove the memory module cover on the bottom of the notebook.

Figure : Removing the memory module cover. Figure : Removing the memory modules. Do not touch the metal contacts. Reseat the memory module by holding module at a degree angle, and pressing it firmly into the memory slot until it is seated.

Figure : Reseating the memory module. Pivot top edge of memory module downward until retention clips snap into place. After reseating the memory module, replace the cover over the memory compartment before restarting the computer.

Figure : Replacing the compartment cover. When troubleshooting problems, use only the AC power to perform the tests. After the problem is resolved, you can turn off the computer and insert the battery into the notebook. Plus the connection from the AC adapter into the notebook, and then connect the AC adapter to a working power supply.

Perform any tests to verify the computer can startup and run in the Windows operating system. With the computer turned off, push the battery into the base enclosure until the retention clips click into position.

If the computer fails to boot to the Windows desktop after the memory is reseated and the battery is installed, contact HP for support. Test two memory modules Only one memory module is required for the computer to operate. If two memory modules are installed, each memory module should be tested in the computer independently of the other. With the AC adapter and battery disconnected, remove all the memory modules, and then insert one memory module in the first slot.

Connect the AC adapter and turn on the notebook. If the computer starts up normally, the memory modules function correctly. Remove the AC adapter and turn off the notebook. Then repeat the same procedure for the second module.

If the computer starts up normally to the Windows desktop, no further action is needed. However, if the computer still stops at the black screen continue by testing the memory slots. Test two memory slots If a memory module does not work in both the slots, to test the individual memory slots, follow the steps below:. After testing the memory modules as described above, insert one module in the second slot, connect the AC adapter and turn on the notebook.

Then repeat the same procedure for the second slot.

If your Mac screen goes black

Click here. Audio or sound issues? Try our automated HP Audio check! Connect with HP support faster, manage all of your devices in one place, view warranty information and more. Sign out.

Sometimes PDF files will suffer from various display issues. When this happens, often the issues can be corrected with Repair PDF. Be aware that performing this action on a page containing flattened markups will prevent all markups on the page from being unflattened. This process can be run on multiple PDFs at the same time. PDFs do not need to be open in Revu when the process is run.

I have been trying to open reading material for my classes since I updated to windows Every time I try to access the PDF files and it loads on my computer it freezes Press and hold the shift key while clicking on Restart at the login Screen When are we going to get something that works, doesn't take for ever to load.

Troubleshoot errors, freezes | Reader | Windows

I have been googling this issue for hours with no results. It seems like I am the only one facing this problem - but that can't be. I haven't found a solution but I have the same problem and it seems to be linked to the Adobe Preview plugin for my environment. What is your email system? If exchange try enable cached exchange mode on your client and see if it mitigates the issue.

But despite that fact, it remains the strongest force in the web browser market, with the highest number of users worldwide. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, but even the best browser can have certain issues. Speaking of issues, here are some problems that users reported:. Namely, a few issues may occur here and there, with some of them making our browsing impossible.

Most of the time, the problems are limited to a single corrupt PDF that might be viewable or printable with Acrobat Reader instead of Preview, but sometimes the concerns go deeper. Nothing I suggested made any difference, but after some more research, Chris reported back with the solution, which he found in a thread in the Apple Support Communities. The solution may have been simple, but it was far from obvious. User oakcan reported suffering from the same problem and resolved it by calibrating his display. Chris said that recalibrating the display worked for him too.

Computer Freezes when Opening PDF File

The black screen of death is a fatal system error displayed by some operating systems after encountering a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down.

Step 2: End programs with Task Manager

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Black screen of death

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