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This paper considers the distributed data fusion DDF problem for general multi-agent robotic sensor networks in applications such as 3D mapping and target search. In particular, this paper focuses on the use of conservative fusion via the weighted exponential product WEP rule to combat inconsistencies that arise from double-counting common information between fusion agents. WEP fusion is ideal for fusing arbitrarily distributed estimates in ad-hoc communication network topologies, but current WEP rule variants have limited applicability to general multi-robot DDF. To address these issues, new information-theoretic WEP metrics are presented along with novel optimization algorithms for efficiently performing DDF within a recursive Bayesian estimation framework. While the proposed WEP fusion methods are generalizable to arbitrary probability distribution functions pdfs , emphasis is placed here on widely-used Bernoulli and Gaussian mixture pdfs.


Barto's Publications Following is a list of A. Barto's publications in reverse chronological order. Click here for a comprehensive listing of all publications of the Autonomous Learning Laboratory. To jump to a specific year: Thomas, P. Frontiers in Cognitive Science , 11, doi:

Our goal is to build robots that can robustly interact with humans using natural language. This problem is challenging because human language is filled with ambiguity, and furthermore, due to limitations in sensing, the robot's perception of its environment might be much more limited than that of its human partner. To enable a robot to recover from a failure to understand a natural language utterance, this paper describes an information-theoretic strategy for asking targeted clarifying questions and using information from the answer to disambiguate the language. To identify good questions, we derive an estimate of the robot's uncertainty about the mapping between specific phrases in the language and aspects of the external world. This metric enables the robot to ask a targeted question about the parts of the language for which it is most uncertain.


This website is outdated, please visit my new site here. Robotics and Automation Magazine, In Proc. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Foundations and Trends in Robotics, Vol.

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Papers from a flagship conference reflect the latest developments in the field, including work in such rapidly advancing areas as human-robot interaction and formal methods. Robotics: Science and Systems VIII spans a wide spectrum of robotics, bringing together contributions from researchers working on the mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotics systems. The contributions reflect the exciting diversity of the field, presenting the best, the newest, and the most challenging work on such topics as mechanisms, kinematics, dynamics and control, human-robot interaction and human-centered systems, distributed systems, mobile systems and mobility, manipulation, field robotics, medical robotics, biological robotics, robot perception, and estimation and learning in robotic systems.

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Surgical robotics is an evolving field with great advances having been made over the last decade. The origin of robotics was in the science-fiction literature and from there industrial applications, and more recently commercially available, surgical robotic devices have been realized. In this review, we examine the field of robotics from its roots in literature to its development for clinical surgical use. Surgical mills and telerobotic devices are discussed, as are potential future developments. Robots have become incorporated into daily life over the last half century: what was once only science fiction has now become a reality.

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PDF File: Robotics Science And Systems Viii - PDF-RSASV 1/2. ROBOTICS SCIENCE AND. SYSTEMS VIII. PDF-RSASV | 33 Page | File Size 1,



ISBN Robotics: Science and System XIII July 12 - July 16, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.


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Renzo C.

Papers from a flagship conference reflect the latest developments in the field, including work in such rapidly advancing areas as human-robot interaction and formal methods.


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