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Features of Gupta period temples

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The Guptas were Brahmanical by religion with special devotion to Vishnu, but they showed exemplary tolerance for both Buddhism and Jainism. Puranic Hinduism with its three deities—Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti, as the consort of Shiva— came to the forefront. While Shaivism developed in the south and south-east and Shaktism in eastern India and in some parts of south-west Malabar, Vaishnavism, with its emphasis on Krishna as its main exponent, flourished mostly in the northern and central parts of India. Popular worship was given formal sanction and temples and images dedicated to each of these cults came up everywhere. The art of the Gupta period is marked by a deep spiritual quality and a vision which tries to record the higher and deeper truths of life. While the early Gupta period shows an emphasis on Hindu art, the climax of Buddhist art, with all the previous tendencies combined into a classical statement, comes during the later period. While there were some striking cave architectural pieces e.

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Different forms of art, e. Some of our most beautiful monuments representing the very acme of India's artistic achievement among which the immortal Ajanta murals take precedence constitute the cultural heritage of the Gupta period. It is contended that during the Gupta period the proto-type of Hindu temple came into existence. It is rather unfortunate that many of the temples were destroyed by the iconoclasm of Muslims in the first few centuries of the second millennia. Whatever that remains of the Gupta temples the practice of keeping the principal image in the Garbha-griha womb-house began from this period. The structure it self was enclosed by a courtyard which in the later period housed a complex of shrines. Also it is from the Gupta period that temples came to be largely built in stone leading to the evolution of the monumental style in Hindu architecture.

All the three forms of Art are combined in these caves: Architecture,. Sculpture, Paintings. ELLORA CAVES. This cave site located in Aurangabad district.

Gupta Empire: Art and Culture

Gupta art is the art of the Gupta Empire , which ruled most of northern India, with its peak between about and CE, surviving in much reduced form until c. The Gupta period is generally regarded as a classic peak and golden age of North Indian art for all the major religious groups. The period saw the emergence of the iconic carved stone deity in Hindu art, while the production of the Buddha-figure and Jain tirthankara figures continued to expand, the latter often on a very large scale. The traditional main centre of sculpture was Mathura , which continued to flourish, with the art of Gandhara , the centre of Greco-Buddhist art just beyond the northern border of Gupta territory, continuing to exert influence. Other centres emerged during the period, especially at Sarnath.

Gupta Period: Temple, Sculpture, Art and Schools

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Discuss the advances in the field of art and architecture made during the Gupta period.

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Topic: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.


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