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I argue that these matters can be clarified by appealing to the theory of learning and development offered by Lev Vygotsky.

It also constitutes the ontology for true human existence. The house metaphor here does not refer to something static.

Philosophy East and West

Xunzi, along with Confucius and Mencius , was one of the three great early architects of Confucian philosophy. In many ways, he offers a more complete and sophisticated defense of Confucianism than Mencius. Xunzi lived toward the end of the Warring States period BCE , generally regarded as the formative era for most later Chinese philosophy. It was a time of great variety of thought, comparable to classical Greece, so Xunzi was acquainted with many competing ideas. In reaction to some of the other thinkers of the time, he articulated a systematic version of Confucianism that encompasses ethics, metaphysics, political theory, philosophy of language, and a highly developed philosophy of education. Human nature lacks an innate moral compass, and left to itself falls into contention and disorder, which is why Xunzi characterizes human nature as bad.

In the Shadow of the Decay. The Philosophy of History of Mencius and Xunzi

Confucian churches and sects:. A book known as the Xunzi is traditionally attributed to him. His works survive in an excellent condition, and were a major influence in forming the official state doctrines of the Han dynasty , [2] but his influence waned during the Tang dynasty relative to that of Mencius. Xunzi was born Xun Kuang. Herbert Giles and John Knoblock both consider the naming taboo theory more likely.

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I will argue in this essay that, to some degree of approximation, their views about human nature can be interpreted as, or even reduced to, views about the proper course of moral education, and that, consequently, a view of moral education stands near the center of each man s philosophy. I will then suggest that we can explore empirically which philosopher was nearest the truth. The State of Nature. The dispute between the 17 th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes and the 18 th century French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau regarding human nature is generally cast and was indeed by Rousseau himself cast as a dispute about what people or man would be like in the state of nature, a state without social structures or government. We are propelled into violent competition by the desire for limited goods and for glory, and due to our relative indifference to the suffering of others. Inevitably, the result is continual insecurity and strife, and the failure of any stable agriculture or industry, until men are eventually persuaded to submit themselves to a government for their own protection.

of Xunzi with the texts from other traditions that influenced him has yet to be undertaken. in manual labor”—such are the base Ru of the school of Ziyou. 22 Both Aristotle's and Xunzi's views on the role of law in the shaping of character.

Xunzi (Hsün Tzu, c. 310—c. 220 B.C.E.)

In mourning deceased parents, one deeply reflects on their kindness and develops further respect and appreciation for them. Through mourning rituals and processes, one strengthens the family relationship that seems to have been broken and continues to become a more filial and noble person. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract The aim of my paper is to analyze the debate between Mencius and Xunzi from the perspective of their views on the nature of the historical process. The Mencian approach embraces not only elaboration on the doctrine of the Mandate of Heaven, resulting in a cyclical vision of history, but also strong idealization of the past.

Human Nature and Moral Development in Mencius, Xunzi, Hobbes, and Rousseau

This article discusses Confucian views on childhood moral development, focusing especially on accounts of moral cultivation in the classical and Han periods. Through an examination of texts, including the Analects, Mengzi, Discourse on the States, Record of Ritual, Collected Biographies of Women and Protecting and Tutoring, as well as secondary literature on this topic, this article focuses on how we should understand Confucian accounts of the roles of parents, the family, ritual, and filial piety in the moral development of children.

Metrics details. In the development of civilizations from antiquity to the present day, two institutions can be identified which, in their relationship to one another and in their relation to a comprehensive order, shape the cohabitation of people and individual existence. In the occidental context they are the institutions in Ancient Greek designation Oikos and Polis and the order framework of the Kosmos. The use of these terms has varied, but the categorical relationships of what they denote found the societal design and legitimize modes of societal governance. It seems necessary to be clear about the basic concepts and organizational patterns in worldwide exchange.

I argue that these matters can be clarified by appealing to the theory of learning and development offered by Lev Vygotsky. Specifically, both Vygotsky and Xunzi offer nonnativist accounts of psychosocial development that emphasize the centrality of sociocultural tools for learning. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

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Amaury G.

Aristotle. YEARLEY ON XUNZI. More than twenty years ago, Lee H. Yearley laws, ritual, and the Dao evolved as inherent aspects of the process ofhistory.


Marjolaine V.

He elaborated and systematized the work undertaken by Confucius and Mencius, giving a cohesiveness, comprehensiveness, and direction to Confucian thought that was all the more compelling for the rigour with which he set it forth; and the strength he thereby gave to that philosophy has been largely responsible for its continuance as a living tradition for over 2, years.


Abdul V.

Xunzi thinks that a well-ordered political society must have both good laws and Recalling the place of rituals in Xunzi's ideal of a well-ordered society draws reminiscent of Aristotle's ideal that one becomes good in character by habitually.


Suyay M.

Heaven in history, however, his theory of rituals and belief in moral use of history made Keywords: Confucianism, Mencius, Xunzi, philosophy of history, Here we have not only an act of attribution with regard to the purely Mencian of Business Ethic—From an Aristotelian Approach to Confucian Ethics.


Bayard C.

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