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Economics of corruption deals with the misuse of public power for private benefit and its economic impact on society. Economies that are afflicted by a high level of corruption are not capable of prospering as fully as those with a low level of corruption.

Ugur, Mehmet and Dasgupta, Nandini : Corruption and economic growth: A meta-analysis of the evidence on low-income countries and beyond. Corruption is a symptom and outcome of institutional deficiency, with potentially adverse effects on economic growth. This paper aims to provide a synthesis of the existing evidence on the relationship between corruption and economic growth - controlling for effect type, data sources, and country groupings. Using 32 key search terms and 43 low-income country names, we searched in 20 electronic databases and obtained 1, studies. We conduct a meta-analysis of the empirical findings in 72 empirical studies, using fixed-effect and random-effect weighted means and testing for significance through precision-effect tests PETs.

Corruption and economic growth: A meta-analysis of the evidence on low-income countries and beyond

Corruption, income, and rule of law: empirical evidence from developing and developed economies. E-mail: helderfm hotmail. E-mail: andrefrj bol. This article presents an empirical analysis based on cross-country data concerned with two points regarding corruption: i its effects on income; and ii how to mitigate corruption. The findings can be highlighted in two points. Firstly the idea that corruption is intrinsically connected with income is confirmed. Secondly, the traditional argument that an increase in rule of law represents a good strategy in the fight against corruption is valid for developing countries.

This paper empirically examines the impact of corruption on the structure of government spending by sector. Using the three-stage least squares method on 64 countries between and , we show that public corruption distorts the structure of public spending by reducing the portion of social expenditure education, health and social protection and increasing the part dedicated to public services and order, fuel and energy, culture, and defense. However, civil and political rights seem to be a stronger determinant of expense on defense than corruption. Our results are robust to instrumentation by the latitude of the country. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

We present a dynamic network model of corrupt and noncorrupt employees representing two states in the public and private sector. Corrupt employees are more connected to one another and are less willing to change their attitudes regarding corruption than noncorrupt employees. This behavior enables them to prevail and become the majority in the workforce through a first-order phase transition even though they initially represented a minority. In the model, democracy—understood as the principle of majority rule—does not create corruption, but it serves as a mechanism that preserves corruption in the long run. The motivation for our network model is a paradox that exists on the labor market. Although economic theory indicates that higher risk investments should lead to larger rewards, in many developed and developing countries workers in lower-risk public sector jobs are paid more than workers in higher-risk private sector jobs. To determine the long-run sustainability of this economic paradox, we study data from 28 EU countries and find that the public sector wage premium increases with the level of corruption.

Corruption, Government Expenditure and Public Debt in OECD Countries

Government, through its expenditures, provided public goods to improve welfare and reduce poverty, but all is to no vail because it is mostly affected by bureaucratic bottlenecks and corruption. The study employed the ARDL bounds test. The findings revealed a long-run relationship between public expenditures, corruption and poverty. The aspect of expenditures on economic sector is significant, while that of social sector is not. The study suggested some measures to enhance corruption index thereby allowing public expenditure to impact on poverty. Aigheyisi, O. African Journal of Sustainable Development, 5 1.

This paper contributes to the literature on the macroeconomic implications of corruption by investigating its impact on public debt. Using a panel of OECD countries over the period —, we provide evidence that corruption increases public debt and that this effect is independent of the size of government expenditure. Looking at countries characterized by high levels of both corruption and public debt, such as Greece and Italy, we find that the detrimental effect of corruption on public debt is also present in the long term. These findings have important implications for policy-makers, as they suggest that improved control of corruption is a possible instrument for curbing public debt in advanced economies. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

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Corruption and distribution of public spending in developing countries

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Economics of corruption

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Our policy experiments reveal that the effect of (i) is to increase both seigniorage and the income tax rate, and to decrease the steady-state growth rate. The effect​.


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PDF | Public finance should be a means whereby governments in low-income countries are able to increase economic growth and end poverty.


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