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Importance Of Costume And Makeup In Film Pdf

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Theatrical makeup is the practice of painting , enhancing , or altering the face, hair, and body of the actor with cosmetics, plastic materials, and other substances; it is also the collective term for the materials used in making up. Actors have used makeup in the theatre for a long time, not only to look their best and to transform their appearance but also to ensure that they will be seen and recognized by the entire audience. How well an actor is seen depends upon the distance between the actor and the farthest spectator as well as the amount of available light. Distances blur the features and make recognition of the actors extremely difficult for the spectators. It is impossible to say when the first actor daubed paint on his face in an attempt to make his performance more effective.


Western theater tradition has its foundations in the Greek celebrations performed in the sixth century b. The revels dances, songs, and choral responses evolved into spoken drama in b. The result was dialogue. Another playwright, Aeschylus — b. It consisted of a long, sleeved, patterned tunic, a stylized mask for instant character recognition, and a pair of high-soled shoes called corthunae.

Costume design is the creation of clothing for the overall appearance of a character or performer. Costume may refer to the style of dress particular to a nation, a class, or a period. In many cases, it may contribute to the fullness of the artistic, visual world which is unique to a particular theatrical or cinematic production. The most basic designs are produced to denote status, provide protection or modesty, or provide visual interest to a character. Costume design should not be confused with costume coordination which merely involves altering existing clothing, although both create stage clothes. Four types of costumes are used in theatrical design: historical, fantastical, dance, and modern.

Theatrical Costume

Thousands of years ago, people in many parts of the world discovered that powdered pigments mixed into a base of wax or grease could be used to create striking effects of personal adornment and transformation. The survival of that practice is reflected in a common term for theatrical makeup, "grease-paint. The latter often included performative aspects, such as dance and reenactments of mythical events. Modern theatrical makeup therefore is heir to a very ancient performance tradition. Some ancient theatrical traditions have relied on masks for the creation of visual characters; others have relied on makeup for the same purpose. In Asia, for example, one can point to the masked theater of Java and the elaborately made-up Kathakali dance theater of southwestern India, or the masked religious dances of Tibet and the strikingly masklike makeup of the Peking Opera and related theatrical forms in China. In Japan, the Noh drama is masked, while Kabuki drama employs extravagant makeup.

Theatre generally is an ancient art. Therefore, the art of costuming in the theatre is said to be as old as theatre itself. Costumes, therefore plays an important role in the actualization of a play on stage. A costume designer is the person who plans or designs the costumes to be worn by actors in a theatrical performance. The shapes, colors, and textures that a costume designer chooses make an immediate and powerful visual statement to the audience.

Importance of Makeup & Costumes in Theatre

David Resha. Abstract: Costume designers, like many artists working in Hollywood, were required to master their own craft while also understanding how their creative decisions would impact others working on the same film. This was particularly true when designing for a black-and-white film. Designers needed to understand the sensitivities of film stock to ensure the desired onscreen appearance of the costume. Some scholars have suggested that costume designers were not knowledgeable about the relationship between costume design and film stock.

You'll need to be a creative powerhouse to succeed as a production designer, with a flair for visual arts that sets you apart from the rest. Production designers are responsible for the visual concept of a film, television or theatre production. They identify a design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes, while working closely with the director and producer.

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Costume and make up in cultural development

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