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In contrast, in Yaker and Hebaddi , the HRC found that the same law violated not only article 18, the right to thought, conscience and religion, but also article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICCPR , the right to equality before the law.

Margin of Appreciation

The State response to the COVID pandemic has been varied procedurally, operationally, and in terms of overall success. Nevertheless, key procedural and operational factors contributing to an effective State response e. In almost every case of an ineffective response such as that of the UK in March, or the US, one or more of these factors has been lacking.

The relevant human rights in the context of COVID relate primarily to the right to accessible and quality healthcare. This means that it is not a right that demands immediate fulfilment. However, General Comment 14 provides that the core obligations to take effective steps towards full realisation and to ensure non-discrimination while upholding the right to health are immediate imperatives to the State para. Lopes de Sousa Fernandes v Portugal , para.

Ineffective State responses to the COVID pandemic might not ostensibly go against international or regional human rights standards.

However, when reviewed, violations of human rights become apparent. A common response by States that were ineffective in controlling the pandemic was a delayed response. The failure to act, especially when legally obligated to take measures to control and treat epidemics is a violation of Article 12 of the ICESCR General Comment 14 , para. Under the ECHR, where the standard of knowledge of risk has been met by a State, it cannot justify a prolonged response as adequate Brincat v Malta , para.

Another major marker of an ineffective State response was inaccurate or inconsistent information regarding the spread of the virus and safety guidelines. The right to health is inherently associated with the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information regarding healthcare issues General Comment 14 , para 12; Oneryildiz v Turkey para. Failure to provide such information is a violation of this freedom.

Inadequate or under-resourced healthcare facilities including the lack of PPE for medical staff and ventilators for patients during the pandemic, therefore, fall within the purview of such obligations Stubbin-Bates , At the intersections of age , race , economic class , legal status or marginalization , the failures, to guarantee the right to health take on an altogether more concerning character.

The right to health is emphatically non-discriminatory; it is one of the core elements of the right itself General Comment 14 , paras. The Refugee Convention also imparts that all refugees shall receive the same level and quality of healthcare as citizens of that country Article 23 as well as having recourse to the ICESCR, and other human rights standards.

The impact of state-responsibility on human rights violations, particularly violations of progressive rights is difficult to adjudge due to the uncertainty of when an obligation might be breached Zhang, However, as this does not erase the applicability of state-responsibility on human rights violations, the defences are still of import to the discussion. Force majeure is available where performing an obligation is made impossible due to an irresistible force.

Enforcing those rights might have been rendered more challenging which is not enough to amount to precluding wrongfulness Commentary to the ARSIWA, Article 23, s. For instance, pandemic-related economic crises may not qualify as essential interests given that the outbreak is classified as an international-level emergency ; the right to health is likely to outweigh any other interests that States may rely on to preclude violations of their human rights obligations.

Nevertheless, the defence is bound by proportionality; like the defence of necessity, the interest protected through State action must outweigh all other competing interests that were impaired. But a major through-line is that a State will engage its responsibility where it fails to ensure that its public health system is functioning correctly and adequately to preserve the lives of those in its jurisdiction. Positive obligations, like that of ensuring the right to health, can be fulfilled in a number of ways Brincat v Malta , para.

Human rights obligations, particularly the rights to life and health, the principle of non-discrimination, and the freedom of information about health, are usually non-derogable in most human rights systems. Violations of these obligations are, therefore, most concerning and demand accountability. The relevant human rights context of State responses The relevant human rights in the context of COVID relate primarily to the right to accessible and quality healthcare.

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Over time, natural calamities and armed conflicts have demonstrated that human rights are often the first casualties of a crisis. Every limitation is further subject to the principles of equality and non-discrimination. It is not intended to present a comprehensive overview of all rights that may be affected by emergency derogations. The ICCPR was drafted in the aftermath of a devastating war, but its drafters recognized that special circumstances potentially complicate state compliance with human rights commitments. These are the right to life, the prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the prohibition of slavery and servitude, the prohibition of imprisonment for inability to fulfil a contractual obligation, the prohibition against the retrospective operation of criminal laws, and the right to recognition before the law. Some provisions have right-specific limitation clauses provided for by the ICCPR that do not relate to a state of emergency.

Human Rights Law in the Time of the Coronavirus

The margin of appreciation or margin of state discretion is a legal doctrine with a wide scope in international human rights law. It was developed by the European Court of Human Rights , to judge whether a state party to the European Convention on Human Rights should be sanctioned for limiting the enjoyment of rights. The doctrine allows the Court to reconcile practical differences in implementing the articles of the Convention. Such differences create a limited right, for Contracting Parties, "to derogate from the obligations laid down in the Convention".

The doctrine of the margin of appreciation that the European Court of Human Rights has developed in its case law has given rise to considerable criticism. In this article I draw a distinction between two different ways in which the Court has used the doctrine.

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When applied to others we often endorse them, whilst on the receiving end of reproach we might disagree on their applicability.


Patrick S.

The State response to the COVID pandemic has been varied procedurally, operationally, and in terms of overall success.



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exploring the margin of appreciation doctrine, its justification, the criticism that ICJ. article 2, 3 or 6 of the ICCPR are absolute rights, generating obligations for.


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PDF | On Jan 1, , Kristin Henrard published A Critical Analysis of the Margin of tion of the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine in the Case Law of the ECHR,” article 27 ICCPR by the Human Rights Committee in this respect has not been.


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