meo class 4 oral questions and answers pdf

Meo Class 4 Oral Questions And Answers Pdf

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We cannot parallel the incoming generator.

Marine Purifiers

What is main function of gravity disc? What shape? What passes through, what effect of its sizes, how it exactly controls oil water interface? What will happen with wrong selection? How to select exact size? Principle of purifier, draw diagram, why it is necessary to heat the oil, temperature you maintained on your ship for FO and LO? And why that much temp only?

This Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System BNWAS in simple terms is a timer alarm system that forces watch officers to reset this system in periodic time intervals to insure that they are fully alerted not sleeping, playing solitaire with bridge computer,etc. Very nice structural boat and safe our life. So this post has more varieties. Tuesday, 8 January Safety questions. Description of camber, sheer, tumble home, Rise of floor by sketch. Camber :-The transverse curvature of the deck from the centerline down to the sides. This camber is used on exposed deck to drive water to the sides of the ship.

meo class 4 safety oral questions and answers

Q What is special about steering gear safety. Q Maintenance of alternator what all to do. Q Purpose of air gap and how checked. Measured with the help of feeler gauge. Q what are the conditions for paralleling alternators?

Working of radial piston pump. What will be your action as a watch keeping engineer-Just tell the sequence wise. How balancing is achieved? What could be the reason? Can we have 2 ram system? Regulation for having 2 ram system?


Combined effect of reduced effectiveness of L. O and directional thrust of the con rod. Allowed Grinding: 2mm, because after grinding 2mm or more surface hardness reduces drastically. Due to this maximum allowable grinding is 2mm.

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