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All the best and happy learning. A SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and a computer-aided engineering computer program that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. A Basically Solidworks is easier to use and Catia is more powerful.

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CAD tools are extensively used for mechanical product design. If you are looking for a career in mechanical design, CAD tool can add value. Solidworks is one of extensively used cad tools. In this article, we will discuss commonly asked solidworks interview questions and answers. Read this article to know the difference between solidworks and Autocad.

Solidworks is a computer aided design tool used for the design, manufacturing and simulation of mechanical products. This tool can be used in the complete product development cycle. Here are the applications of solidworks:. Solidwork Configurations allow users to create multiple variations of a part and assemblies within one document. They provide a convenient way to develop and manage families of cad models with different dimensions, components, or other parameters.

Convert entities are used in solid works to draw sketches with reference to any feature of a part. Step Select feature edge, loop or surface to be converted.

Relations are used in solidworks sketch modules to define design intent. When we define a sketch, soliidworks automatically add relations. These relations can be edited manually as well. Equations are used in solid works assembly and part modules to define the relationship in between two dimensions. Solidwork Equations use global variables and mathematical functions.

Draft feature is used to provide an angle to a wall from a parting plane. Draft angle is generally used to facilitate easy removal of injection molded parts from injection tool. Step Select components to be excluded from study. Step Define interference parameters. Clearance Verification is used to verify the designed clearance in between two or more parts in a solidworks assembly. Step Specify sheet metal parameters such thickness, internal bend radius and k factor.

It converts PCB data into solid works cad format. Step-1 : Go to insert and select the exploded view or go to configuration manager and right click the configuration. Suppressed part in solidworks is like a deleted part in an assembly while the hide is like a removed view of part in assembly. Suppressed part in solidworks is like a deleted part in an assembly that is easy to undo. When a part is suppressed all dependencies from that part is also suppressed features, references, mass, BOM. External reference is used in solidworks assembly to make one part with reference to another in an assembly.

New window will popup. Step-3 : Select the files to be copied and folder. Step-4 : Modify attributes such as part name, and folder where part has to be saved. The Design Table is used in an assembly to control the configuration with the modification in excel sheet. Speed Pack is used to create a simplified configuration of an assembly without losing references. While working with large and complex assemblies. Speed-Pack configuration can significantly improve performance.

We will keep adding more questions to Solidworks Interview questions and answers. Please add your comments or questions to Solidworks Interview questions and answers. We suggest you also read this article on generative design. Step Define units and other properties.

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Are you a person experienced in CAD? Are you an engineering graduate? Are you a person having creative knowledge in designing and technology? Then log on to www. Solid works is a solid modelling computer-aided design CAD and computer aided engineering computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. It works on the principle of parametric design which produces three interconnected files: the part, the assembly and the drawing. The solid works engineer need to have fundamental skills and concepts and good command over solid work tools.

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Top 18 SolidWorks Interview Questions & Answers · 1) Explain what is SolidWorks? · 2) List out the major difference between the AutoCAD and.

SolidWorks Interview Questions And Answers

Over thousands of vacancies available for the Solidworks developers, experts must be acquaintance with all the component of Solidworks technologies. This is necessary for the students in order to have in-depth knowledge of the subject so that they can have best employment opportunities in the future. Knowing every little detail about Solidworks is the best approach to solve the problems linked with problem. All these questions will alone help you to crack the interview and make you the best among all your competitors.

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AutoCAD, developed by Autodesk, is a computer design software used by architects, engineers, and mechanical students. The first release of the software happened in AutoCAD helps to design complex infrastructure or product concepts before going it to production and provides the team with information about the feasibility and precision of the design. It helps in saving valuable time and resources.

Post a comment. Templates are used to save default setting. To add a reference image in SolidWorks follow these steps. Convert entities are used in solid works to draw sketch with reference to any feature of a part. If you work with very large and complex assemblies, using a SpeedPak configuration can significantly improve performance while working in the assembly and its drawing.

Solid Works Interview Questions & Answers

In offset sections, offsets or bends in the cutting plane are all. Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions ; Question The following images are to be used to answer Questions 3 — 4. If you are looking for a career in mechanical design, CAD tool can add value. When a part is suppressed all dependencies from that part is also suppressed features, references, mass, BOM.

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