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Understand the basic foundations of probability analysis.

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Introduction To Probability Ppt

Suppose a polling organization questions 1, voters in order to estimate the proportion of all voters who favor a particular bond issue. We would expect the proportion of the 1, voters in the survey who are in favor to be close to the proportion of all voters who are in favor, but this need not be true. There is a degree of randomness associated with the survey result. If the survey result is highly likely to be close to the true proportion, then we have confidence in the survey result. If it is not particularly likely to be close to the population proportion, then we would perhaps not take the survey result too seriously. The likelihood that the survey proportion is close to the population proportion determines our confidence in the survey result.

PROBABILITY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

However, if you toss two coins, the probability of getting 2 heads is a compound event because once again it combines two simple events. Introduction to Statistics. An Introduction to Discrete Probability 5. Do not more than 3 slides on the introduction. The PowerPoint presentations online are a selection from the 7th grade class. Now the question that should arise in your mind, is that PMF stands for probability mass function.

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The classical definition of probability (classical probability concept) states: If there are m outcomes in a sample space (universal set), and all are equally likely of.

Probability in Real Life

On tossing a coin, the outcome will be either ahead or a tail, the result is easily predictable. But what if you toss two coins at the same time? The result can be a combination of head and tail. In the latter case, the correct answer can not be obtained, so only one can predict the possibility of a result.

We are predicting rain today based on our past experience when it rained under similar conditions. Similar predictions are also made in other cases listed in 2 to 5. Each face. One face has one dot, second face two dots, third face has three dots and … so on. We take them as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Chapter 2 Probability Concepts and Applications


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Understand the basic foundations of probability analysis. • Describe statistically dependent and independent events. • Use Bayes' theorem to establish posterior​.


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The probability of an event happening is the fraction of the time similar events happened in the past. 3. SUBJECTIVE CONCEPT OF PROBABILITY. The likelihood.


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