issues of buffer stocks and food security in india pdf

Issues Of Buffer Stocks And Food Security In India Pdf

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The Public Distribution System PDS of India plays a crucial role in reducing food insecurity by acting as a safety net by distributing essentials at a subsidised rate. While the PDS forms a cornerstone of government food and nutrition policy, India continues to be home to a large population of hungry and malnourished people. This review seeks to explore the functioning and efficiency of the PDS in achieving food and nutritional security in India.

Buffer Stock

Buffer Stock. Buffer stock refers to a reserve of a commodity that is used to offset price fluctuations and unforeseen emergencies. Buffer stock is generally maintained for essential commodities and necessities like food grains, pulses etc. Recently it has released around 1 lakh MT of onion in market to stabilize its rising price. In India, buffer stocking of food grains is conceptually seen as a vehicle to deliver strategic food and agricultural domestic support policies through which the government caters multiple objectives such as providing famine relief, ensuring food security to consumers and providing production incentives to farmers. As of now, the stocking norms for buffer stock decided by the GoI comprises of:. The stock required to meet the monthly requirements for welfare schemes.

Buffer Stock and Food Security

Buffer stock is a pool of certain commodities like rice, wheat, etc maintained by Government to fulfil Food security and tackling unforeseen emergencies. Food stocks Buffering was first introduced in under the 4th five-year plan. Daily Practice Quizzes, Attempt Here. Aman Bharti Dec 12, Delhi Dec 12,

The two-pronged strategy of ensuring better prices and technology access delivered the results hoped for, by raising grain production by 42 MMT in subsequent 5 years against a target of 20 MMT. This paper argues in favor of using cash transfers and open trade policy to achieve higher levels of efficiency in grain management. In a country which has a population of 1. With population growing by less than 1. If India can raise its domestic food production at a pace faster than its domestic demand, it can at least have food available to feed its population from domestic sources. Otherwise, India would have to increasingly rely on food imports. Any abrupt increase in the global prices of these commodities will therefore directly affect their domestic prices and consumption and thereby elements of food security.

Issues Of Buffer Stocks

The Food Corporation of India is the main agency for procurement, storage and distribution of food grains. The Buffer norms are the minimum food grains the Centre should have in the Central pool at the beginning of each quarter to meet requirement of public distribution system and other welfare measures. The buffer stocks are required to Feed TPDS and other welfare schemes, Ensure food security during the periods when production is short of normal demand during bad agricultural years Stabilize prices during period of production shortfall through open market sales. The FCI has been constructing storage capacity for holding buffer and operational stocks of food grains at nodal points in the country. The storage capacities available with FCI are mainly used for storage of food grains and partly for other commodities and general warehousing.

Buffer stock refers to a reserve of a commodity that is used to offset price fluctuations and unforeseen emergencies. Buffer stock is generally maintained for essential commodities and necessities like foodgrains, pulses etc. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs fixes the minimum buffer norms on quarterly basis: i.

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Issues of buffer stocks and food security

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India’s Food Security Policies in the Wake of Global Food Price Volatility

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