comptia a 220 801 and 220 802 practice questions exam cram pdf

Comptia A 220 801 And 220 802 Practice Questions Exam Cram Pdf

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Q: 1 Which of the following is a public IP address? Which of the following display connections has pins? RGB B. VGA C.

DVI D. RJ B. CAT3 B. CAT5 C. CAT5e D. ARP C. IPv6 D. DDR D. Telnet B. SFTP D. Class B fire extinguishers B. Overhead sprinkler system C. Water-based fire extinguishers D. Auto-switching power supply B. Uninterruptible power supply C. Line conditioner D. Surge suppressor Answer: B Q: 13 Which of the following tools are commonly used to remove dust and debris from inside a computer?

Select TWO. Cotton and alcohol B. Vacuum C. Compressed air. Anti-bacterial surface cleaner E. Answer: B Q: 15 Which of the following is representative of a class C address type? Which of the following is the probable reason for this? Graphic workstations require flash memory B. The memory is incompatible for the workstation C.

Graphic workstations require solid state memory D. Install drivers B. Install additional memory C. Configure the jumpers D. SCSI B. Solid State C. IDE D. Large drive space allocation B. Powerful sound card C. Multiple network cards D.

Multiple large HD monitors E. Powerful video card F. Maximum RAM G. MBR B. HCL C. BIOS D. AGP Answer: C Q: 24 Which of the following connectors from a power supply should be used with a graphics expansion card? PCIe 6-pin C. Which of the following component packages should a technician recommend to the end user?

Powerful processor, high-end graphics card, and maximum RAM B. Processor and RAM that meets minimum Windows requirements Answer: A Q: 26 After installing a bar code reader, which of the following is commonly done to configure the reader? Scan in program codes B. PCIe B. AGP 8x C. PCI D. ISA E. IEEE B. EIDE D. SATA E. Gigabit NIC B. HDMI output C. Maximum RAM D. Powerful processor E. Router B. Bridge C. KVM D. Wireless keyboard Answer: C. The safer, easier way to help you pass any IT Certification exams.

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CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) Exam Cram (eBook, PDF)

Best-selling authors and expert instructors Mark Soper, Scott Mueller, and David Prowse help you master all the topics you need to know to succeed on your CompTIA and exams and move into a successful career as an IT technician. Every feature of this book is designed to support both efficient exam preparation and long-term mastery: Includes coverage of the new performance based questions Opening Topics Lists define the topics you'll need to learn in each chapter, including a list of the official exam objectives covered in that chapter Exam Preparation Tasks include reviewing key topics, completing memory tables, defining key terms, working through scenarios, and answering review questions--all designed to help you go beyond simple facts to make sure you master concepts crucial to both passing the exam and enhancing your career Key Terms defined in a complete glossary explain all the field's essential terminology The companion DVD contains the powerful Pearson IT Certification Practice Test Engine, two complete exams with access to a large library of exam-realistic questions. This state-of-the-art assessment engine offers you a wealth of customization options and reporting features to help you study more efficiently. Use step-by-step Study Mode or run a powerful exam simulation that mimics actual exam conditions. Whenever you want, get a complete assessment of your current knowledge, so you can focus scarce study time where you need it most. The DVD also includes sample beep codes to help you learn about these valuable troubleshooting tools, memory tables, and the glossary, all in searchable PDF format.

Practice Exam 2: CompTIA A+ The questions are separated into their respective and It is also in PDF format on the disc.

[PDF Download] CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Authorized Practice Questions Exam Cram (Exam

Q: 1 Which of the following is a public IP address? Which of the following display connections has pins? RGB B.

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The recommendations below come from students studying for the exams, people who have already passed the exams, professional educators, and an array of current IT professionals.



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