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Academy of Management Journal to prepare financial reports, or a human resource manager might have Matrix Organization Type 1. Features of Functional Organization. Line organization structure is the oldest and simplest form of organization.


Read this article to learn about the types, functions, advantages and conflicts of line and staff organisation. Personal staff is attached to individual line officers. The Personal Assistant or the Private Secretary etc. These persons help their bosses in every possible way. The routine work of line officers is mostly handled by the personal staff. They fix routine meetings, open the post, maintain diaries and accompany the boss on official visits.

Line Organization is the form of organization, wherein the authority flows from the person present at the top of the organizational hierarchy to the person working at the lowest level. In line and staff organization, the hierarchy remains same as in the line organization, but specialists are attached to the front line managers to advise and guide them on significant issues. A structural relationship is required to be developed between different departments and the people working in them, for effectively accomplishing the objectives of the organization. And so, formal relationship between the members of the organization is set up, so as to coordinate their efforts. Basis for Comparison Line Organization Line and Staff Organization Meaning The organization in which the authority and responsibility moves downward, and accountability flows upward, is called line organization. The organization structure, in which specialist are added to the line managers to provide guidance and support, is called line and staff organization.

The key difference between line authority and staff authority is that line authority reflects superior-subordinate relationships characterized by the power of decision making whereas staff authority refers to the right to advice on improving the effectiveness for line employees in performing their duties. Authority is related to decision — making power, which is a key aspect in any type of organization. Line authority and staff authority conforms to two types of employees; line staff and staff personnel. The role of line staff and staff personnel are different from one another; thus, the authority levels vary as well. Overview and Key Difference 2. What is Line Authority 3. What is Staff Authority 4.

Causes of Conflicts Between Line and Staff

Line managers direct the work of subordinates and make important decisions, while staff managers advise those with line authority. Moreover, line managers are directly accountable for sales and production target achievement, whereas staff managers extend support to help them achieve their goals. The top management of organizations delegate the authority of human resources. Line authority entitles managers to control immediate subordinates, thereby creating a superior-subordinate relationship that is crucial to the success of the organization. For example, with line authority, a production supervisor has the right to direct employees to operate certain machines, and a finance vice president has the right to request for financial reports from a department head. On the other hand, staff authority creates an advisory relationship in which they advise and support line managers.

Such relationships act as a cohesive force and integrate the whole organization. Different authority relationships basically revolve around line and staff relationships. However, in reality it is difficult for us to separate direct and supportive functions. In fact, functions are based on the nature of the organization. Line and staff distinctions are made on the basis of two viewpoints—functional viewpoint and authority relationships viewpoint. The principal distinctions between line and staff are given in Table 4. Line and staff managers are supposed to work harmoniously to achieve the organizational goals.

Authority is the right to perform or command. It allows its holder to act in certain designated ways and to directly influence the actions of others through orders. The fewer of these 4 conditions that are present, the lower the probability that authority will be accepted and obedience be exacted. Barnad offers some guidance on what managers can do to raise the odds that their commands will be accepted and obeyed. Each type exists only to enable individuals to carry out the different types of responsibilities with which they have been charged. The most fundamental authority within an organization, reflects existing superior-subordinate relationships.

Difference Between Line and Line & Staff Organization

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Line and staff Authority


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In many organizations, managers use authority by dividing it into line authority, staff authority and functional authority.



Organizational structure involves, in addition to task organizational boundary considerations, the designation of jobs within an organization and the relationships among those jobs.


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