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Our beautiful Planet Earth consists of different types of animals, birds, plants, trees, mountains, and various natural landscapes. Humans occupy a large part of the earth. Overpopulation, deforestation, environmental pollution, poaching, hunting, and other circumstances caused by human beings create a threat for animals and plants.

Band Baretha is an old wildlife reserve of the rulers of Bharatpur, currently under the administration of the Forest Department. The Park is formed of undulating sand dunes, jagged rocks, dense salt lake bottoms and inter-medial areas. Various species of animals such as black buc Barely 32 kilometres from Bikaner, on the Jaisalmer road, is a lush green forest which is a haven to the nilgai, chinkara, black buck, wild boar, flocks of imperial sand grouse and many other species of migratory birds that make the sprawling forest Covered in rich and dense forests, the Kaila Devi Sanctuary begins right after the Kaila Devi Temple and extends on both the sides of the road to eventually join the Ranthambore National Park.

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Our beautiful Planet Earth consists of different types of animals, birds, plants, trees, mountains, and various natural landscapes. Humans occupy a large part of the earth. Overpopulation, deforestation, environmental pollution, poaching, hunting, and other circumstances caused by human beings create a threat for animals and plants.

As a result, many animals are left unprotected and without shelter. Many species of birds and animals have become endangered. Some are on the verge of extinction.

National parks and wildlife sanctuaries are areas dedicated to protect and conserve the natural habitat. Wildlife sanctuaries are developed to give a safe shelter to animals and protect them.

National parks are designed for protection, conservation of animals, and allow people to view them. As mentioned earlier, wildlife sanctuaries are a haven for animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Also called wildlife refuges, these places provide healthy and safe living conditions for animals. Wildlife sanctuaries protect animals from illegal human activities such as poaching.

These are responsible for endangering many species of animals. The officials of these wildlife sanctuaries rescue many animals from life-threatening conditions.

They also rescue abandoned animals. They feed these animals and take care of them so that they can breed and live properly. Wildlife sanctuaries secure animals whose habitats have been destroyed. Governmental or private agencies reserve the area for a wildlife sanctuary. The International Union of Conservation of Nature declared that the wildlife sanctuaries would fall under Category 4 of the protected areas. The Wildlife Protection Act mentions the protected areas.

A national park is an area built by the government for the protection and conservation of wildlife. A National park houses many varieties of animals, birds, plants, trees, reptiles, and microorganisms. Apart from the activities related to the protection of animals, recreation is also an objective, which means that the public can pay a visit to the parks and view these animals. Other opportunities for recreation are also available for the public, such as camping, trekking, and hiking.

Most of the natural parks have outstanding natural landscapes such as mountains, forests, terrains, rivers, and lakes. These places are often considered symbols of national pride. National parks attract many tourists from different parts of the world.

These parks contribute primarily to the tourism of any country. National park guards and officials monitor all the recreational activities so that the animals are not affected in any way. The International Union of Conservation of Nature has categorized the national parks in category 2 of the protected areas. The Northeast Greenland National Park is the largest national park in the world in terms of area. The smallest national park in the world is the Isles des Madeleines National Park , located in Senegal, with an area of 0.

A biosphere is an ecosystem that can have a variety of plants and animals that are of natural significance. This is a special that is designated by the government for the protection and preservation of genetic diversity, which means the protection of animals, tribal populations, and domesticated animals or plants.

An essential aim of building biospheres is to promote the use of natural resources sustainably. All the biospheres are divided into three major zones.

The core zone is also called natural territory. The area is legally protected where no human activity is allowed here. Scientists and biologists treat these areas as reference points. These areas help them in researching and understanding the state of the ecosystem in the biosphere reserve. Furthermore, the data gathered from the core zones are useful in developing sustainable activities.

The officials who manage these zones prepare and launch projects to protect the environment. The buffer zone is the area around the core zone. Certain human activities such as environmental research, management of forests, fisheries, and agricultural land are allowed.

Any business that will enhance and protect the quality of the area is permitted. The buffer zone may be used for education, training, and some recreation. Overall, human activity is less intensive in this region. This area is also called the manipulation zone, where people are allowed to live and work. Activities such as cropping and recreation are allowed without harming the environment.

Local communities, scientists, environmentalists, conservation firms, and business groups work together to utilize the area sustainably. Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are significant regions for environmental conservation. Most of the wildlife sanctuaries are later converted into national parks. This helps the conservationists and biologists to take a closer look at the present state of animals. Both the sanctuaries and national parks heavily contribute to the tourism of that particular country where they are located.

National parks organize many initiatives such as environmental campaigns, slogans, workshops, and even online campaigns.

All the people of sanctuaries and parks collaborate with other stakeholders to protect the natural habitat. Register Login. PPO Diploma vs. In this article, we will delve deeper into the two concepts. Characteristics of a Wildlife Sanctuary The main features of wildlife sanctuaries are as follows: They are built for the protection of endangered species of animals, birds, and reptiles from harmful human activities such as killing, illegal trade, and poaching.

Environmental conservators, biologists, and researchers are allowed within the premises to learn more about the animals. This knowledge helps them to take the necessary measures to enhance the lives of the animals and protect them. Some sanctuaries also secure abandoned or injured animals. The sanctuary officials cure these animals and release them back into the forest. Unlike a zoo, most of the sanctuaries are not accessible to the public.

Any human activity that might harm the animals is prohibited within the premises. Another essential objective of wildlife sanctuaries is to educate the public about wildlife protection. What is a National Park? Characteristics of National Park The essential features of national parks are given below: Apart from the conservation of animals, national parks are also responsible for the protection of natural landforms such as mountains, dunes, caves, forests, and lakes.

The officials execute activities that prevent environmental destruction and pollution. National parks are a place that preserved historical structures such as monuments, temples, and buildings that are within the premises.

National parks also protect indigenous tribes and communities that are unable to survive in modern society and depend on nature for their survival. These groups of people are secured within the protected areas of the national parks. You are required to obtain special permission for the respective authorities before entering a national park. Human activities such as grazing and farming are strictly prohibited inside national parks.

National park rangers are involved in rescue missions and fire-fighting activities. They also execute tasks for rescuing animals. What are Biosphere Reserves? They are as follows: Core zone The core zone is also called natural territory.

Buffer zone The buffer zone is the area around the core zone. Transition zone This area is also called the manipulation zone, where people are allowed to live and work. Characteristics of a Biosphere Reserve Essential features of biosphere reserves are as follows: These reserves aim to protect ecosystems within a region without affecting the local inhabitants The biosphere officials are involved in activities that restore habitats and ecosystems The areas help in integrating biological and cultural diversity Biosphere reserves act as a platform for exchanging information and resources between other biospheres, for sustainable development Conclusion Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are significant regions for environmental conservation.

Recommended Posts:. The aim is to provide a safe environment for animals and birds to live and breed. The aim is to protect animals, birds, and reptiles as well as landscapes and historic structures within the area. National parks are highly restricted, and you will require special permission to enter these areas.

Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park both are protected natural habitats. They are created to protect the nature and wildlife by conserving the ecosystem. Though, both aim to conserve the natural habitats including a wide range of animals and birds, they are not similar. Let us see how they differ from each other! Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural protected habitat created to conserve or protect the wildlife including the rare and endangered species of birds and animals like Black Buck, Indian Wild Ass, and Musk Deer etc. It not only protects animals but also provides favourable living conditions to the birds, animals, insects etc. A wildlife sanctuary can be owned by a government or a organization that aims to protect birds and animal species.

Complete list of all National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India- PDF

Wildlife constitutes the primary natural heritage, all around the world. Continuous industrialization and deforestation, has posed a threat of extinction to the wildlife. So, to conserve and preserve the natural heritage of the country wildlife sanctuaries, national park, biosphere reserves, etc. Wildlife sanctuaries refer to an area which provides protection and favourable living conditions to the wild animals.

Last updated at May 27, by Teachoo. To protect flora and fauna,government has established. They are large areas.

National Parks in India are discussed here along with the Wildlife Sanctuaries. These are the suitable place for biodiversity conservation. The spectacular natural beauty across the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India attracts millions of tourists every year.

National Parks in India

Our earth is changing. Climate change is a real phenomenon now. Destroying biodiversity is not an option now. We must preserve our nature and the biodiversity to go through this problem together.

Living organisms exist almost everywhere from mountain peaks to the ocean depths; from deserts to the rainforests. We must make every effort to preserve, conserve, and manage biodiversity. The wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserves, and national parks are designated places for protecting wild plants, animals, and natural habitats. Source: www. It is a consecrated place where sacred species are kept. It is not open to the general public, unlike the zoo.

Please click here to register. India is one of the 17 megadiverse countries of the world. With only 2. The following steps have thus been taken to protect and manage the wildlife of the country:. The Government of India enacted the Wild Life Protection Act with the objective of effectively protecting the wildlife of this country and to control poaching, smuggling and illegal trade in wildlife and its derivatives.

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Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

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Difference between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

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This is quite true, but there is one main difference that separates the two – Human activities are allowed in a wildlife sanctuary – to a limited extent but are illegal in.



Madhya Pradesh is the heritage heartland of India.


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