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This study uses a functional perspective to examine the reasons young people cite for using psychoactive substances. The study sample comprised young poly-drug users recruited using snowball-sampling methods. Data on lifetime and recent frequency and intensity of use for alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines, ecstasy, LSD and cocaine are presented. A majority of the participants had used at least one of these six drugs to fulfil 11 of 18 measured substance use functions. The most popular functions for use were using to: relax

Legal and illegal Drugs. Their effects and dangers to health

If drugs cause physical changes in the body, the words addict, addictive, addicted and addiction are used. The common addictive drugs are: alcohol, morphine, heroin, cocaine and barbiturates. Drugs create a state of mind in some individuals which is termed psychic dependence. Drugs that depress the nervous system: alcohol, barbiturates sleeping pills, downers , minor tranquillizers valium and librium , solvents and gases as in glues, lighter fuel, aerosols, cleaning fluids ;. Alcohol: alcohol is taken as a drink.

Legal drugs can either be bought over-the-counter or with a prescription from a medical doctor. Illegal drugs cannot legally be manufactured, bought or sold in the United States. And some other drugs are legal in some situations but illegal when abused. These differences between drugs can be confusing, but the United States government has made efforts to classify drugs in order to clarify the distinctions between their specifics risks and benefits. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that in the month before the survey, nearly 24 million Americans aged 12 or older, or 9. Of these people, almost seven million reported abusing prescription medications. This includes drugs such as methamphetamine that have been made from prescription medications.

This chapter provides a detailed analysis of the legal framework of the abuse of illicit drugs and begins with a description of present drug policies and proceeds with a discussion on the drug policies on prohibition and zero-tolerance. Economic, legal, medical, and psychological reasons are provided against prohibition and other drug policies. Various alternative policies regarding the use of illicit drugs are then discussed, including policies of prohibition, criminalization, decriminalization, depenalization, and their effectiveness which is followed up with a detailed discussion on the legalization of drugs. The chapter concludes with a discussion on a regulated market for drugs. It is argued that most drugs could be sold on a regulated market for drugs in much the same way as any other drugs, such as alcohol and nicotine. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

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Given the magnitude of these networks, scalably monitoring their activity necessarily relies on automated tools, and notably on NLP tools. However, little is known about what characteristics texts communicated through the Darknet have, and how well do off-the-shelf NLP tools do on this domain. This paper tackles this gap and performs an in-depth investigation of the characteristics of legal and illegal text in the Darknet, comparing it to a clear net website with similar content as a control condition. Taking drugs-related websites as a test case, we find that texts for selling legal and illegal drugs have several linguistic characteristics that distinguish them from one another, as well as from the control condition, among them the distribution of POS tags, and the coverage of their named entities in Wikipedia.

PDF | In this paper, I present and criticize several historical arguments in favour of prohibition and criminalization of illicit psychoactive | Find.

legal and illegal

This act is intended to prevent the non-medical use of certain drugs. For this reason it controls not just medicinal drugs which will also be in the Medicines Act but also drugs with no current medical use. The law defines a series of offences including: unlawful supply; intent to supply, import or export and unlawful production. The main difference from the Medicines Act is that the Misuse of Drugs Act also prohibits unlawful possession. Class A: These include: cocaine and crack, ecstasy, MDMA added in Jan sentencing guidelines — see below , heroin, LSD, methadone, methamphetamine crystal meth , fresh and prepared magic mushrooms.

A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism's physiology or psychology when consumed. Consumption of drugs can be via inhalation , injection , smoking , ingestion , absorption via a patch on the skin, suppository , or dissolution under the tongue. In pharmacology , a drug is a chemical substance, typically of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect.

Legal and illegal Drugs. Their effects and dangers to health


Medications or pharmaceuticals are also drugs and are regulated differently dependent on their level of health risk. Short-term health harms. Short-term health harms are those that can occur as a result of an episode of use, or, in the case of medications, inappropriate use. These vary markedly depending on the drug being used type, amount etc and may be from the drug itself or from the manner in which the drug is taken. For information about the short-term health effects of a specific illicit drug, visit the page called Misused substances.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. P revention can be broadly defined to encompass an array of noncoercive activities intended to prevent, reduce, or delay the occurrence of drug-taking or associated complications, such as clinical syndromes of drug dependence and threats to public safety. This chapter emphasizes nonlegal, noncoercive approaches to reducing drug use in populations that are not yet seriously involved with drugs. They include efforts to educate people about the consequences of substance use, to change their beliefs about the acceptability or utility of substance use, and to increase or make more salient the costs of substance use. We address what is known, what is not known, and what data and research are needed to increase useable knowledge about the effectiveness of a wide range of approaches.

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PDF | ABSTRACT: Labelling drugs are important issue nowadays in a modern society. Although it is generally believed that legal drugs are good drugs and.


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This chapter provides a detailed analysis of the legal framework of the abuse of illicit drugs and begins with a description of present drug policies and proceeds with a discussion on the drug policies on prohibition and zero-tolerance.


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