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Sun And Her Flowers Rupi Kaur Pdf

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Rupi Kaur is unapologetically honest, and that's what makes her poetry so beautiful. I almost felt as if I was reading a journal of some sort. Somethi The Sun and Her Flowers.

Read to you by the author, milk and honey is a book about surivival, love, loss and femininity. Listen to Rupi Kaur's incredible poetry, in her own words. Illustrated by Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. It is a celebration of love in all its forms.

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Check out Scribid. Audiobook Check out Audiobooks. I found myself just as in milk and honey marking page after page. However some of it does sound like it was repeating mostly in the first chaper which was hard and rather boring for me to get through.

Some pages are one sentence which saddens me as though she was just trying to make the book bigger or needed to fill a page. I wish I could articulate what this book did for me as beautifully as Rupi articulated just about everything I've ever tried to get out of my head and onto paper. These poems made me and my best friends feel alive, and I could not have asked for them to come at a better time. I finished Rupi Kaur's "The Sun and Her Flowers" a week ago and am still thinking, no feeling, the emotional impact of it.

So many of her poems reflect my own personal life experiences. Fears I felt developing into a young woman to pursuing a male dominated profession to chasing after the beauty I saw portrayed in the media are present in Kaur's poetry. Kaur addresses painful women's issues but also offers solutions.

I think this is an unforgettable, beautifully written and illustrated book of poetry that brings women together through their common life experiences.

Every woman should read this book. I can see why it was recommended to me. I devoured this in under 3 hours. The writer has an excellent skill with words, her ideas are brilliantly expressed. Apparently the rest of the world does not exist in her world. It get's old. Beautiful book.

To me what I have read is revolved around love and sounds like a heartbreak. Rupi Kaur you are a beautiful brilliant writer. The breakup and heartache poems personally for me-about a loss of a connection of love between 2 people are so damn hard for me to read.

Even love poems are hard for me to read right now. I look forward to getting through all of your beautiful book. Although the poetry is nice, the book contains images that are sexually graphic in nature. I purchased this for a gift for my daughter and returned it because I did not find the artwork appropriate for her.

There should be a warning because from my experience, this book is popular for even younger audiences. Now this was a poetry collection I enjoyed. The growth shown through words I loved. The relationship depth and discussion was touching and easy to read. She discussed her relationship with her mother and some with immigration and I enjoyed the emotions shown.

Kaur is back and better than ever with this second collection! I am also a author in poetry My books can be purchased on the store "Silence is what screams out loud" And "Poetry from the Soul". This very powerful book has the most beautifully simple yet vulnerable poems that track Rupi's journey of hurt and healing. Lots of young women need this book. So thankful one of my college students introduced me to this amazing author.

This author is frank in her discussion of what has happened to her, and who she is. But she is clear in that she is an overcomer--nothing that has happened to her will keep her from being the Best Version of Her. This had me in tears at certain points. Rupi Kaur writes about such raw and sometimes taboo things in the most eloquent way. The vulnerability and strength that we see from her in this is inspiring. I also really appreciate the attention to the details of the book itself.

As with Milk and Honey, it's made of good quality paper, and the covers of both had unique textures that reflect the content well. After reading a few of the poems, I thought "this is a lot more of 'Milk and Honey. Some of them made me tear up. It's Milk and Honey evolved. I'm a really big Rupi Kaur fan, to the extent that I have to defend her from the meme jokes my friends make about her writing.

I will admit, there are poems in here that are, to put it politely, less than good, but there are pieces in here that were so powerful that they made me tear up. I will say that there are a lot more good poems in here than there were in Milk and Honey.

She's improving, and I think it's worth it to support her art. Rupi is a timeless, spot on, eloquent poet. I thought the sun and her flowers was just beautiful.

It speaks of her roots, heartache, love, feminism, self hate and self love, and rising above hardships. Shes brilliant, and shes such a wonderful woman. Super friendly. I hope to meet her again one day. I look at her poetry like medicine for the soul, and whenever she publishes a new book, she knows exactly what i need to hear.

At the time she wrote milk and honey, i needed to hear those poems, and now, a couple years later, i needed to hear her songs of the sun and her flowers. Absolutely fabulous book!! It seriously made me cry and helped me to release some emotions I was holding in.

It's so inspiring and I can't wait for her next book! The book I received had blurred print and was incorrectly sized. The drawings were extremely pixelated, pages were horribly shifted and the margins were off.

I ordered the same book for a friend in another state as a gift and her copy was fine. I suspect certain warehouses have fraudulent copies. Sorry to say, I was expecting more mature poetry. This seemed to me like something a hormonal teen would write. Subject of poems pretty immature point of view.

That's just my opinion, as a middle-aged person, so if you're younger, like 15 or so, it may be a 5-star for you. I wish the author well in her growth. This is my first time I read Rubi Kaur. The sun and her flowers is a beautiful poetry collection. Furthermore, some stanza is profound and depict love as a flower life-cycle. It's good in general but I think Kaur can write better than what she writes here.

I picked up her first book milk and honey and I will read it soon. After reading both, I decided they were not suitable for the adolescents they were intended for.

Despite the many positive reviews and my love of poetry, I just wasn't neutral, I found some of her views troubling. Some of the most powerful, evocative emotionally touching poetry I've ever read. I could not put it down I was completely wrapped in her story she told I felt everything page by page. Can't wait for her to release another.

This is only the second poetry book I've ever bought, let alone read and wow was I amazed by it. I loved that the fact that the poems are grouped together. Its about depression and self-hate and there's mentions of rape. Rupi speaks about immigration for a majority of this portion and also about her lineage and culture. There's a lot about women and the legacy of women and advice for future generations.

When I found out my copy of The Sun and Her Flowers came home, I braced myself and set the mood where I just want to be alone with this book. I never felt like I could relate so much to this book. It resonated with all of my emotions. Her poems were intimate yet so intense. It was because of her poetry that kept me from being broken. Beautiful book, best in print to keep and see artwork the kindle doesn't do it justice.

Overall I found it enjoyable. Some poems were not relatable to me but I know many will relate. I love the artwork and nearly pages really struck emotion! This book is everything, so raw and honest. Devoured every bit of it, an unforgettable one for sure.

Definitely looking forward to her next book. However, it came off as rather forced and whiny.

The Sun and Her Flowers

The Sun and Her Flowers stylized as the sun and her flowers is Rupi Kaur 's second collection of poetry, published in It is composed of five chapters, with illustrations by the author. Kaur explains that was such a beautiful representation of love and relationships: the sun could represent a woman and the flowers could be the relationships that she has through life. All in all, it is a very multi-dimensional representative book. The book is divided into five sections reflecting the life cycle of a flower, with chapters titled: Wilting, Falling, Rooting, Rising, and Blooming.

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[PDF] Rupi Kaur Sun And Her Flowers Pdf download

Check out Scribid. Audiobook Check out Audiobooks. I found myself just as in milk and honey marking page after page. However some of it does sound like it was repeating mostly in the first chaper which was hard and rather boring for me to get through. Some pages are one sentence which saddens me as though she was just trying to make the book bigger or needed to fill a page.

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The Sun and Her Flowers

The book focuses on the path of growing up, love, loss, and abuse. While reading this book, you may experience MANY emotions, and that's okay! The book is spilt into five chapters that symbolize the stages of a flower. This is a great read for readers looking to ground themselves and find an understanding. My personal favourite poem from the book comes from "falling," the second chapter.

Poetry and Drama PDF 4. They resonate hugely' Sunday Times 'Poems tackling feminism, love, trauma and healing in short lines as smooth as pop music' New York Times 'Caught the imagination of a large, atypical poetry audience Kaur knows the good her poetry does: it saves lives' Evening Standard 'Breathing new life into poetry

rupi kaur, the sun and her flowers pdf

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The Sun and Her Flowers

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