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The heme fits into a hydrophobic crevice in the proteins with the proprionate groups exposed to solvent.

AdiChemistry Home. Hemoglobin denoted as Hb and Myoglobin Mb are dioxygen O 2 binding metalloproteins containing an iron porphyrin system, heme. Both of them contain Fe II ion. Whereas, myoglobin stores dioxygen and is present in muscles. Hemoglobin contains four heme units each embedded in a globular protein sub-unit.

Structural Biochemistry/Protein function/Heme group/Myoglobin

Biochemie des Sauerstoffs pp Cite as. The proteins myoglobin and haemoglobin have as their chief physiological function the reversible combination with molecular oxygen. In this contribution we present details of X-ray crystallographic studies of the two equilibrium forms of myoglobin from the sperm whale, which are involved in this oxygenation-deoxygenation reaction. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.


Myoglobin was the first protein whose structure was determined. Four years later, they both received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for this innovation. Myoglobin is a monomeric protein that has amino acids residues. It has a globular structure. Myoglobin contains a heme prosthetic group which is responsible for its main function carrying of oxygen molecules to muscle tissues. Myoglobin can exist in the oxygen free form, deoxymyoglobin, or in a form in which the oxygen molecule is bound, called oxymyoglobin. Myoglobin is a protein found in muscles that binds oxygen with its heme group like hemoglobin.

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The Structure of Oxygenated and Deoxygenated Myoglobin

Myoglobin , a protein found in the muscle cells of animals. It functions as an oxygen-storage unit , providing oxygen to the working muscles. Diving mammals such as seals and whales are able to remain submerged for long periods because they have greater amounts of myoglobin in their muscles than other animals do. There is a close chemical similarity between myoglobin and hemoglobin , the oxygen-binding protein of red blood cells.

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4.1: Myoglobin, Hemoglobin, and their Ligands

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Myoglobin symbol Mb or MB is an iron - and oxygen -binding protein found in the skeletal muscle tissue of vertebrates in general and in almost all mammals. Compared to hemoglobin , myoglobin has a higher affinity for oxygen and does not have cooperative-binding with oxygen like hemoglobin does. In humans, myoglobin is only found in the bloodstream after muscle injury. High concentrations of myoglobin in muscle cells allow organisms to hold their breath for a longer period of time. Diving mammals such as whales and seals have muscles with particularly high abundance of myoglobin. Myoglobin was the first protein to have its three-dimensional structure revealed by X-ray crystallography. Through observing these changes in myoglobin-depleted mice, it is hypothesised that myoglobin function relates to increased oxygen transport to muscle, and to oxygen storage; as well, it serves as a scavenger of reactive oxygen species.

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PDF | We have developed a multiweek laboratory project in which students isolate myoglobin and characterize its structure, function, and redox.


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