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A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host.

Protozoan infections are parasitic diseases caused by organisms formerly classified in the Kingdom Protozoa. They are usually contracted by either an insect vector or by contact with an infected substance or surface and include organisms that are now classified in the supergroups Excavata , Amoebozoa , SAR , and Archaeplastida. Protozoan infections are responsible for diseases that affect many different types of organisms, including plants, animals, and some marine life. Many of the most prevalent and deadly human diseases are caused by a protozoan infection, including African Sleeping Sickness , amoebic dysentery , and malaria.

Protozoan infection

Parasites which reside within the blood or internal organs of the host have logistical problems in terms of infecting a new host. In contrast to fecal-oral transmission , where infective stages are excreted into the environment, potential new hosts would not normally come into contact with the parasite. In evolutionary terms, transmission by blood transfusion would be a very recent event. Predator-prey transmission is one strategy used by protozoa such as Toxoplasma and Sarcocystis to overcome these transmission barriers. As the name implies, predator-prey transmission involves two distinct hosts.

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Protozoan Diseases

Dermatology pp Cite as. Protozoa are single-cell eukaryotic organisms, classified on the basis of their morphology and means of locomotion. Many of them are familiar to high-school biology students who during their first encounters with a microscope may watch ciliated or flagellate organisms move about, or slower ameboid creatures gradually spread their pseudopodia. Table 6. Protozoa may have complex life-cycles, infections are typically difficult to treat and in most cases prophylactic immunization is ineffective.

PDF | The introductory section of the book elucidates the protozoan taxonomy, general morphology, cell biology, the nature of parasitism.

About Parasites

Mark F. Garland Science Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN:

Legionella: from protozoa to humans

Protozoa and Human Disease

This is a comprehensive course covering protozoa which infect humans. The basic biology of these protozoa, as well as the clinical manifestations of the diseases they cause, will be discussed. Life cycles, morphological features, host-parasite interactions, geographical distribution, reservoir hosts, methods of transmission and control, pathology, immunological aspects and diagnosis will be covered.

The discovery that L. This Research Topic provides updated information on several important areas of Legionella research. Articles begin by discussing genomics of Legionella spp as it has significantly increased our knowledge of the pathogenesis of this disease by providing new insights into the evolution and genetic and physiological basis of Legionella —host interactions. Articles then further focus on different areas of host- Legionella interactions with protozoan or human cells. New findings on basic mechanisms of pathogen—host interactions, remarkable facts about the genetic basis of the intracellular lifestyle of Legionella , and its striking ability to manipulate host cell processes by molecular mimicry are discussed. Finally, knowledge of the host response to Legionella infection is presented.

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PDF | Background: Although all infectious agents in humans are parasites, by convention, parasitic diseases are defined as those caused by protozoa or | Find.

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About Parasites


Ronda B.

The human gut has been continuously exposed to a broad spectrum of intestinal organisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites protozoa and worms , over millions of years of coevolution, and plays a central role in human health.


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