roles and responsibilities of school head teacher pdf

Roles And Responsibilities Of School Head Teacher Pdf

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A head teacher is the most senior teacher and leader of a school, responsible for the education of all pupils, management of staff, and for school policy making.

Head teacher

A head teacher , head instructor , headmaster , headmistress , head , chancellor , principal or school director sometimes another title is used is the staff member of a school with the greatest responsibility [1] for the management of the school. School principals are stewards of learning and managing supervisors of their schools. They provide vision and leadership to all stakeholders in the school and create a safe and peaceful environment to achieve the mission of learning and educating at the highest level. They guide the day to day school business and oversee all activities conducted by the school. They bear the responsibility of all decision making and are accountable for their efforts to elevate the school to the best level of learning achievements for the students, best teaching skills for the teachers and best work environment for support staff. While some head teachers still do some teaching themselves, in most larger schools, most of their duties are managerial and pastoral.

Top 7 Major Roles of a Headmaster

Practical advice, inspiration, and tools for K school leaders. A community for K school leaders. Reviewing lesson plans. Organizing school events. Making sure parents are happy.

West The American Psychological Association code of ethics is used to understand the ethical issues present in the conduct of supervision. You also need a high level of, teachers with those of students and their pa, Educational supervisors are responsible for. Is fair, honest and trustworthy 5. The professional role. School administrators oversee the daily operations of a school.

Headteacher performs her best to provide better education to learners; tries to meet stakeholders " expectations in terms of improving teaching.

Head of School - Role and Responsibilities

Heads of School and Professorial Chairholders in the School. The Head of School position will be supported by at least one full time office staff person. Head of School - Role and Responsibilities. Approving outside earnings activities of staff members in accordance with College regulations. In the second stage of the research, a representative sample of head teachers were selected at random and asked to participate in individual in-depth interviews.

role of headteacher in school administration pdf

Although they say it in different ways, researchers who have examined education leadership agree that effective principals are responsible for establishing a schoolwide vision of commitment to high standards and the success of all students. Newcomers to the education discussion might find this puzzling: Hasn't concern with the academic achievement of every student always topped principals' agendas? The short answer is, no.

Heads of School are appointed by, and are formally accountable to, the Board. The Head of School will nominate members of the School for appointment to the following roles, taking account of the range of disciplines in the School:. The Head of School is responsible for the effective general management of the School, for ensuring the provision of academic leadership and strategic vision, and for the quality of the student experience. The Head of School will be the budget holder, following devolved authority, and will be financially accountable to the Faculty Dean in the first instance for the School.

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