copyright designs and patents act 1988 uk pdf

Copyright Designs And Patents Act 1988 Uk Pdf

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The use of materials protected by copyright is essential to the learning process. To minimise the burden on teachers and students who want to make use of copyright materials as part of their teaching and learning experience, the law includes a number of exceptions that allow for the use of all types of copyright work for certain educational purposes. If you are using materials in an educational context this does not mean that you can forget about copyright.

UK copyright law: An introduction

It gives the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the right to control the ways in which their material may be used. The rights cover: Broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. In many cases, the creator will also have the right to be identified as the author and to object to distortions of his work. Copyright arises when an individual or organisation creates a work, and applies to a work if it is regarded as original, and exhibits a degree of labour, skill or judgement. Interpretation is related to the independent creation rather than the idea behind the creation.

UK copyright law: An introduction

University A to Z Departments. Limited re-use of copyright material by a third party is permitted in exceptional circumstances, including some educational scenarios. Copyright is an automatic right which applies to a wide range of creative works in material form, giving creators of original works the right to control the use of their material by third parties, for a fixed period of time. Protection of the original idea relies on Intellectual Property rights. Copyright is a property right, so can be transferred or sold. The person who owns the copyright has the exclusive right to. If you do any of the above acts without permission from the copyright owner, you may be infringing copyright.

and Patents. Act CHAPTER First Published Reprinted Incorporating Corrections Published by Email Textphone.

Protecting your work with copyright

The University has made a formal commitment to helping you navigate copyright law to support your work in its Copyright Literacy Strategy pdf. The vision and values in the strategy underpin the guidance and support we provide. The first owner of copyright is usually the author or the producer of the work, although if you create something as part of your job your employer will typically own the copyright.

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Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988


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It reformulates almost completely the statutory basis of copyright law including performing rights in the United Kingdom , which had, until then, been governed by the Copyright Act c.


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