what is soda pdf desktop and do i need it

What Is Soda Pdf Desktop And Do I Need It

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Published: 24.04.2021

There is a free version.

Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. Learn more. Soda PDF Premium makes our top 10 list of the best PDF converter software by providing a program that offers a range of useful functions. The interface is modern and easy to navigate, plus it lets you create PDFs from templates as well as convert docs to PDFs. It also comes with numerous help features and provides dedicated support for businesses.

Soda PDF Review

Soda PDF is the software solution that helps your business quickly achieve any document goal with ease. Edit, create, convert, merge, split, sign, or secure PDFs to your needs. Our easy-to-use PDF tools are made to streamline any document workflow with efficient results. Overall: Overall, I love this product. It's great for editing PDFs and getting what I need done! I will continue using SodaPDF.

Pros: Emie was very helpful when I had a problem with my Soda desktop, she helped me get back into and reset the app so I could carry out what I needed to do and enabled me to carry on working.

Cons: The only thing I didn't like was when I couldn't get into the app but that was not Emie's fault I think I messed around with something and she put it right. Overall: Excellent, helpful and quick to come back too me and the app is great know I know how to work it and can access it from any where in the country.

Pros: As a long time user of Soda suites my experience has been positive. It is easy to use and traverse. The pricing is good and meets my budget. Cons: I find it hard to select and use e-sign packages.

I don't understand how to activate and use them. Pros: I am not really into computers, I am too old, 80, but this system seems to be a great system and excellent help to contact with. They seems very willing to assist you in understanding this system, something just too much for me to understand.

With the set of tools it provides, you can make an amazing, well-written, and well-indented PDF. Cons: It has every tool to cover every aspect of an idea PDF.

Once you give it a try, you cannot complain about anything. Overall: It solves every problem. I had when making or editing a PDF. It is easy to use, and everything can be implemented with ease. The paid version is great in terms of versatility.

Pros: The prompt reply from customer service with clear instruction and al worked as described so also there was a problem I'm satisfied. Cons: That the software after a certain time of no use goes automatically in the free version and it is necessary to reactivate the existing version. Pros: -You securely sign any PDF document using a password. Cons: -It is almost a complete package, you get all the necessary features with Soda PDF, I didn't found any con in this software.

Overall: Overall, Soda PDF is complete software for all your PDF document needs, you can sign, edit and share documents, even without any internet connection. Pros: It is easy to understand. I like how I can easily setup the pages I'm working on, and then easily save them for using later in my projects.

The many adjustments I can make is also great. Overall: I have tried a number of PDF programs, but this is the best one I have used that I really liked, and that was easy to do what I wanted it t do.

Cons: The developer takes quite long for an upgrade, and this is critical to keep the software moving. Pros: You can easily make a pdf file or edit it with all the necessary tools. It gives you the power to convert a file in pdf format or from pdf to any other format.

You can use it online or download it on your PC. Cons: Basic features are free but it charges for important features such as conversion and does not give a trial version for the same.

Overall: Overall, it supports many languages as well as using it very easily. Every feature is up to date and the fining of the file which is edited or made on it is awesome. Pros: Soda PDF has many choices of converting. The print setting also has many detailed settings. It also has the previous reading datas kept.

Overall: It is a good and easy operating product. It is worth buying although the price can be lower. I like this product. Pros: Suitable for personal as well as business use, easy to use enabling documents to be edited to meet my needs. Overall: Very happy using this software, it is a useful business tool and can be opened regardless of the system being used.

Pros: This software rocks I can create docs, edit, comment, OCR its the bees knees and all so simple. Much easier than some other well known products which are way more expensive! Cons: None It's the bomb! Overall: Do yourself a favour and buy it! Stop the stress of trying to convert Word docs etc Soda is a breeze and works always. This support information development and knowledge sharing. Pros: I've always secretly despised the Acrobat pdf reader, even the pro version. The whole thing feels like a big commercial.

Soda PDF concentrates instead on doing the actual work of editing, creating, etc. Love the optical character recognition -- something else I've been missing. Cons: I've had a good experience, so no big complaints. The app is more efficient than the web browser, but that's almost always the case anyway. It's one of those things where you don't realize how much you needed it till you have it.

And no more of that Acrobat Reader nonsense. Pros: Molly helped me in a very speedy and friendly manner. She did not give me a hard time or anything because I made a goof. It was awesome, especially since I was in freak out mode and needed the doc asap for a payroll submission. Great price for the product and speedy help. Cons: When I submitted for help, the little chat box was covered by questions. I could hear it dinging that someone was there, but I could not find the person typing.

That was the only real problem. Overall: Fairly easy and good help. Molly helped me in a very speedy and friendly manner. Pros: Went onto Chat. Response within seconds. Sent me some links to solve problem. Thank you. Overall: Professional and speedy, solution was found within seconds and proved to be exactly what was Required.

Pros: I needed an image displayed landscape on a page changed to display as portrait. Soda's tech, Molly, provided me the steps and it worked. The next day I needed to do a similar thing but those steps didn't work I was lucky and got Molly again. Puzzled, she had me send the new original and the one I tried to change. She fixed it and sent it back to me. Overall: Molly is an excellent tech. FYI: I support the software end of my husband's business. He loves that I'm able to utilize Soda to help him with technical material.

Pros: The free version is an adequate pdf reader. The paid version is somewhat cheaper than Adobe, and advertises the same features. If you only need a pdf reader, the free version is adequate. Also -- they advertise a monthly cost, but require you to pay annually with only a day refund period. So, if you experience over time is unsatisfactory, you cannot receive a pro rata refund. I'm eating the cost and going back to Adobe. Overall: This product is not as advertised, in my opinion.

I should not have to consult online support to use its basic editing features. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Help Join Login.

Soda PDF - Convert PDF Software Review

Try for free! Users have the freedom to access features on any device with a web browser, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Switching between both applications is done seamlessly, which is a breakthrough in the software industry. Soda PDF includes the easy preparation and sending of contracts and similar documents, high-quality customer support and advanced collaboration features. The solution is available for both online and desktop use. Those who prefer to use it online can use the software on any of their devices desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones via the web browser of their choice.

In the Software Company category. With very timely and friendly assistance, the error was corrected. Everyday comes a sign on my desktop, that I shouf buy the Soda-Upgrade. The support gace me a new licence key and — I hope so — the problem should be solved. Finally the reseller came up telling me that he had problems with his mailserver and he initialized my license a second time.

Follow these steps to use Soda PDF Desktop for the first time If you still cannot validate your account or need to change your email, please contact customer.

Soda PDF Viewer

Its latest incarnation, Soda PDF Anywhere, is a streamlined system that allows you to read, edit, annotate and create PDFs both on your desktop and online, and features some extra functionalities such as e-signature and OCR Optical Character Recognition. The full desktop program is available for Windows, and the online version is available on all operating systems, including Mac. Also, video embedding in your documents seems to be unavailable. Soda PDF Anywhere includes several powerful features spanning the full range of PDF interactions, from reading to editing to creation, collaboration and security.

Soda PDF is the software solution that helps your business quickly achieve any document goal with ease. Edit, create, convert, merge, split, sign, or secure PDFs to your needs. Our easy-to-use PDF tools are made to streamline any document workflow with efficient results. Overall: Overall, I love this product. It's great for editing PDFs and getting what I need done!

The online version lets you use features on any web browser, on any device, while the desktop version lets you download the application and work on your files offline.

Key Details of Soda PDF

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how to remove a process (soda PDF) from win 10

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